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And to question 5. Whilst watching parts of the harrasment debate in parliament this afternoon, I scanned around both sides of the house and noticed there were a great many MP's not wearing a poppy. So what would be significant if JC didn't wear one?

30 Oct 2017

Question 3 applies to all policians. Does anyone remember the interview between Jeremy Paxman and Lord Howard 20 yrs ago? They will all duck and dive if the questin is too embarasing to answer.

I don't suppose any of the councillors thought about obtaning a mental health report on this person before they granted the go ahead. Like the "TheObserver" has said, "will he go after the right one?"

Low life like that deserve more than that.

And there's no such thing as Diana Mond, is there. Or have I been misinformed?

10 Oct 2017

Now that is has gone, is there any sugestions as to what this newly created open space can be used for? And I hope readers to this post will apreciate that the demolition was only completed on the 9th October and not on the 4th October as was stated by the Dawlish News. And there is still some making good before the safety barriers are removed. So where does the truth lie? Well it wasn't in ...

4 Oct 2017

Doesn't news papers always exagerate one way or another? How did they come up with HISTORIC beach kiosk?

Health ad safety, you must have heard about that, it's everywhere.

This can't be right surely:- " Plans have been submitted to Teignbridge Council to update and renovate the course at Tuck’s Plot which has been running for more than 20 years but has been in need of updating. How long ago was it that there was a masive crater there that now houses the underground sewage holding tank? Does this safari theme sugestion, mean we are going to get more white ...

As it is so easy to look over to the car park of this Country side park from the main road and as I pass there several times a week in dell boy's reliant which doesn't go very fast, I shall be taking special interest. Already heard it is a god place to dispose of old cars that as I understand the market to take old cars has collapsed for the moment, meaning you have to pay the scrap dealers to ...

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