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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mondeo
The Fair
31 Aug 2017

flo, If the authorities can keep druggies and alchies in one place, it is fine by them, and I think I am right it saying, "Dawlish has been selected as one of those places". Where do they all come from and is there anything to attract them here, or were they put here. I am told there is a lot of shop lifting going on, maybe that is one of the attractions.

31 Aug 2017

Will the local bus venture as far as this play park or will the park only be available to veichle owners and those brave enough to walk from Sainsburys to the park (dangerous stretch of road that is for walkers).

31 Aug 2017

May be it should be on the new play park????????? It will be interesting to see how much this new play park will be used and what it will be used for. A few suggestions:- Start an event on anannual basis such as Glastonbury. Have mass wedding ceremonies everyfew months. Have dog shows and cat shows in the open air. Or even allow the druggies etc, use it unhindered once a week. Are there any ...

North Korea
30 Aug 2017

I think the world is caught between a rock and a hard place with this issue. The world leaders are tip toeing quitely in the hope. Lets all hope it is the right way. All the time nothing is done about it, then all of the time will he think I will push a little further, until something catastrophic goes wrong and then it may well be a disaster for all of us. None of us really know who has got ...

29 Aug 2017

There is a bunker/airraid shelter already. It is where they house the ducks. The other one was demolished for no real purpose which used to be the gardeners shed with a viewing platform on the top. Nice spot to watch the bowls. Council din't care for those that used it regulary.

29 Aug 2017

So North Korea is testing the nerves of the world. Who's nerve will crack first?

What is it?

And bus!

25 Aug 2017

Exeter is grid locked again after a seriuos accident on the M5 between J30 and J31 Traffic in & around Exeter is extremely heavy due to a serious incident on the M5 which is currently closed. Avoid if at all possible 8:36 PM - Aug 25, 2017 · Exeter, England

25 Aug 2017

I remember when you could drive into Exeter quite comfortably in 25 mins in the early morning. now it would take (if you are lucky) an hour. The exodous from Dawlish early in the morning to go to work other than in Dawlish, is huge. DCC had vehicle checkers placed at various points along the A379 a few years back. I wonder what the increase in traffic flow would be now campared to then. It must ...

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