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Julias Sachin
Dispensation Permits
19 Oct 2017

Now when I first notified cllr prowse of this problem see the bracketed letter at the end [], they were in denial. It has taken months and many hours to convince DCC that they had broken the law, but as you will see from reading the article through to the end, they are still in denial. Cllr Prowse does not do computers, so I have to update him continuously. It has even taken many many months to ...

Low Pay
19 Oct 2017

Low pay is endemic in the uk and that is official. There are more people claiming benefits that are in work, than there are claimants who are out of work. What does that say about the way the conservative party is operating? What I can say is that people on low pay are only sudsidising the employers they are working for. Bless all those who will have to bare greater burdens when interest rates ...

18 Oct 2017

There are a lot of things that people can do to relieve the pressure felt by the NHS and the ancillary services. One thing I have noticed is the extreme over weight of both sexes and I do mean extreme and not just a bit over weight. Smoking still causes many health problems, but many still do it despite the risks. Drinking is another problem and I have been told that Saturday nights are causing ...

16 Oct 2017

Perhaps someone could write to network rail on a personal level, and ask NR why they do not like the idea of putting seating along the sea wall at various locations.

Seems to me that someone is talking to themselves. Diana Mond and Diana Mond(eo).Isn't that strange?

Won't be long before we have a Citreon Diana

Community Transport
12 Oct 2017

I don't know, but it may have something to do with LA's cutting costs and therefore cutting out some of the services provided by the community service buses. Awhile ago DCC cut the services of some rural buses and I belive there is more to come. This committee may be tasked with providing a soloution to any further potential cuts and deciding whether it is value for money to keep all or ...

12 Oct 2017

Some of you may have concerns.

Make sure the town clerk of cullompton town council does not apply for the job otherwise there could be more trouble on the horizon.

Lynne, " why can't the new playpark in Dawlish be situated in the Manor park? Not enough parking spaces for either the lawn or Manor park.To find a parking space around the Bartons is a nightmare, and I guess the same applies for the Strand area. At least Teignmouth has a fair ammount of parking facilities around the play park area.

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