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Sophie Victoria88
Tit bits
1 Jan 2018

TV doc Lord Robert Winston backs free hospital parking for patients and families TV doctor and peer Lord Robert Winston has backed calls for hospitals to offer free parking for patients and their visitors.

Happy New Year!
1 Jan 2018

Same as it has always been.

Met a pack of cyclists as I was coming out of Kenton towards Dawlish, Their average speed was 20mph and I followed at that speed until they turned off at New Road,  Starcross. Took less than four minutes, maybe a little bit longer than if they were not there. People get agitated at traffic lights and the longest I have found waitig (unless they fail) is 1min30secs. People are so impatient ...

30 Dec 2017

And I bet children can give as good if not better. I am not surprised at anything these days.

30 Dec 2017

Lot of universal language showing its head. I can take name calling and bad language all day long - it doesn't hurt me. Of course I can't speak for others as to how they feel about it.

30 Dec 2017

Dunno about dat, try another guess.

30 Dec 2017

Whats five minutes, nottalot in 24hrs. I can wait that long in the coop to get through the check out, and there are no cyclists in there. The law includes pedestrians and cyclists as traffic as well as vehicles, but it does not say that a vehicle has any more right to a space on a road than anyone else, unless there is a traffic order.

I think!!!!!!! He deserved it for destroying the lib dems. Howzat?

leatash, 42 yrs ago you have just found out, you  were told a lot of bull. 60 odd yrs ago I found that out - what took you so long? And the bull shit continues.

24 Dec 2017

I will give my two pennyworth regarding the colour, for what it is worth. I don't care a toss.

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