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A questionable butterfly


Pete B
2 Feb 2018

Is there anything in the published letter that could not be related to what is in fact the real situation we all face. What drives these people to do such heinous acts? What do they hope to achieve? They usually blow themselves up, so they would not know they had achieved anything by thier actions.

1 Feb 2018

The other way round this time. He attacked those that seem to like attacking us.

1 Feb 2018

Who bought Bastin's then - the BBC?

1 Feb 2018

What are the Arab/Muslims upto then, what reasons have they got for doing what they do?

1 Feb 2018

When did terrorist bombings start in the uk? The Germans bombed us, but that was war not terrorism.

31 Jan 2018

It matters not to me whether it has been posted before, there maybe a different set of people viewing this fourum today than before, and may never have seen it. We never had bombings so why are we getting them now. And how many clever clogs have there been in the last twenty years. One, two or three or maybe it is more. And who was stiring up the hatred for it to happen. And the bombings ...

31 Jan 2018

I pass this on as received and no comment American Airlines Pilot’s response to a Muslim doctor's complaint! Very well said and worth reading! Read to the bottom, there also are a Canadian, British and Australian response. To me, it makes a lot of sense, and would provide for a better understanding between the different faiths. Please share with your ...

PADM pay and display management

28 Jan 2018

Lisa, I keep asking you questions to see if you can answer them. I know the answers but it appears you and your peers do not and that is why you do not answer because you can't. All I get back is rubbish in the belief that you are right and I am wrong. And because of that your beliefs are what they are in that ANPR can be used to enforce off street LA owned P&D car parks, when they can't do that ...

28 Jan 2018

How can a camera in a private car park detect anything other than you over-stayed the permitted time. It timed you in and timed you out, if the mathmatical difference takes you over the allowed time, expect a ticket. How would a camera know that you had violated 81 or lets say 85,  87 or 94, 95, 96 or how about 70. The only thing the camera can detect is a vehicle passing the camera one way ...

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