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A questionable butterfly


Berniece Wallace86

I thought this topic was about food shortages.

Clean Air
10 Jul 2018

Where are the senors that monitor air quality in Dawlish? Where is the data from those senors? I have noted that a lot of school children (Who are most at risk) regularly travel through the marked area.

10 Jul 2018

I do what I can to protect my health which I know is failing. And if I could improve my health (which I can't, it is progressive) then I would. Moving to Exmoor would certainly be my main aim if it would help, but I know it wouldn't so there is no point in me doing it. Regarding what UPWITHIT has said, I would start packing and looking for somewhere to live on Exmoor, I wouldn't give it a ... The article shows how much we produce, how much we export. If some of you would like to cogitate and digest what is written and who said what. Go ahead.

9 Jul 2018

Another scare mongoring article. Do you really think that we are the only ones involved in the way brexit will play out when we leave. Do you really think that businesses that are supplying us now are not having some input. Do you really think that the supermarkets are going to reorder if the first lot had to be destroyed at the border controls. And who would be affected if that did happen- the ...

9 Jul 2018

I don't really get all this talk about food shortages. First of all - what food will be in short supply and as a lot of our food is imported, does in mean that if we leave, they will stop supplying us. We are always looking for new markets as are other countries. when those other countries found us as a good market, why would they want to give it up? I think a lot of it is scare mongering.

To become intergrated, to meld with and become part of the dominant culture.

8 Jul 2018

I don't care two monkeys wether they are black, white, yellow, brown or green. What does bother me is there cultures that they bring with them and some of them are not very nice to me. Leave there cultures behind intigrate with where ever they are and I am sure things would be alot better world wide.

Clean Air
7 Jul 2018

A Bill to establish the right to breathe clean air; to require the Secretary of State to achieve and maintain clean air in England and Wales; to involve Public Health England in setting and reviewing pollutants and their limits; to enhance the powers, duties and functions of the Environment Agency, the Committee on Climate Change, local authorities (including port authorities), the Civil Aviation ...

Charging too much
5 Jul 2018

They have some hope for that to happen. If the play park was to go ahead, how many extra people would it attract to the lawn/town over those that already use it now? Pie in the sky if you ask me.

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