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Sophie Victoria88
Parking tickets
5 Jan 2018

Lisa, I guess you and plod have got it wrong. It works like this:- There are all sorts of devices which are used for many different situations, and unless the Secretary of State for Transport certifies any device, it does not become an approved device for enforcement purposes. Do you understand now? If not I suggest you go back to plod and ask what is a device and what is an approved ...

5 Jan 2018

And further lisa. Enforcement using Approved Devices 8.9 Traffic Management Act 2004 Regulations give limited powers to authorities throughout England to issue penalty charge notices for contraventions detected solely with a camera and associated recording equipment The Secretary of State must certify any such device. Once certified they may be called an ‘approved device’. Penalty charge ...

5 Jan 2018

lisa, that is only possible if they use an approved device ------------THEY HAVE NO APPROVED DEVICE TO USE. They can use ANPR for management purposes only, ie, signs on the road which tell a motorist how many spaces there are a a particular car park are delivered via ANPR which only count the number of spaces available - nothing more. You need to find out whether or not the Secretary of State ...

How many agency nurses/doctors are used at both hospitals at the moment I wonder. And at what cost to both NHS trusts?

Parking tickets
4 Jan 2018

On street parking bay And lisa that device is an approved device for bus lane/gate offences, they could not use it to enforce parking restrictions.

4 Jan 2018

Diana Mond Who said anything about car parks? Devon county council only own one off street car park and it is debateable whether it is off street or on street even though it looks like a car park. And lisa There are no approved devices (cameras) that can be used to enforce car parks. Devon County and all off the districts in Devon have no approved devices to enforce parking.

4 Jan 2018

I am back on this subject that I started on 01/10/2017 about "Not Transferable" printed on the purchased parking tickets. Although it did bring in ANPR cameras which are not authorised to be used in local authority car parks for enforcement purposes. Diana Mond asked somewhere in this thread, why I asked Wiltshire and not DCC about not transferable. Well, I have asked DCC and they are ...

Did I not say,"It's all about money and how you control it's use". I suppose you could also say it is greed, that those greedy barstewards out there want a piece of the action.

2 Jan 2018

It's all about money and how you controll it's use. Another thing I found out in my stay's in hospital when you get talking to the staff is this. You have an appointment for an operation, that appointment is sometimes cancelled, not because the surgeon could not perform his/her duty on performing the operation on you, he/she had the offer of a bigger pay packet by working for BUPA and the ...

2 Jan 2018

There are vacancies in all walks of life. And the problem lies with agency workers. do you get full employment under the terms and conditions of your employer or do you choose your own? If you are going to earn more or have more convenient working hours to suit your life style by joining an agency, then what would you do? I know of a school teacher who gets paid handsomely by being an agency ...

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