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Parking tickets
29 Oct 2017

Show me where it is?

28 Oct 2017

Diana Mond, you really are a pillock. You said at 1303hrs today, " Whether or not your explanation is correct or a mixture of fact and supposition on your part, remains to be seen". What are you accusing me of, lying or being economical with the truth? I have only advised others to park on DY's where the law allows. And where have I advised others not to put a valid ticket on their dash boards ...

28 Oct 2017

There is nothing to back up your understanding of anything. You doubted what I have stated and all I have done is to ask you two questions, which were what do you think is fact and what do you think is supposition. And what do you do? you try and tell me that I am encouraging others to break the law and I am doing no such thing. So there is another question for you to answer, How am I encouraging ...

28 Oct 2017

DianaMond, What parts of it do you think are fact and what parts do you think are supposition. Be very careful how you answer this as you could (In front of the general public) end up with egg all over your face. Now wouldn't that be terrific for all to see.

28 Oct 2017

Once again Diana Mond has got it wrong. Whether or not the order was revoked in 2016, the land on which the car park sits is still regulated land and that land cannot be enforced under contract law (which it is now). In an open letter I have obtained from a minister for transport it spells it out adequately that once a local authority has set aside land for use as a car park, it will always ...

28 Oct 2017

Just a quick update but I still have not all the answers I require. Diana Mond claims:- " I think that the ANPR system in use there is great (not that these things overly excite me!!!). To say that “people do not bother to look at the charges” is somewhat condescending. Some might not, but I’m pretty confident that the vast majority do. They might not necessarily like the scale of the charges, ...

The Police
23 Oct 2017

I did not witness the fracas, but I do know the owner of thecameras and he has the video. As for the cafe, it is someone in Richmond Place flats that has the video of the attempted breakin of the cafe, and I don't know who that is. All I know is the owner of the cafe know's two of the boys but does not know if they were the ones that attempted to break in. I will try and find out more tomorrow.

23 Oct 2017

Just heard from a resident who has video on the outside of his house and has a recording of a fracas out side of his house. A community support officer came and enquiered who owned the cameras. By chance the owner  of the cameras was stood beside of me. She said, "If I give the police the information you have just given to me, will it be alright for an officer to have a look at the recording?" ...

22 Oct 2017

Friday night, I witnessed a pack of young boys and girls not quite full of tipple, causing some damage to  Jeronimo's, the cafe at the railway station. The police were alerted and responded by saying, "It is nothing to do with us, its the railway police you need to call". Now wouldn't you have thought the police would have responded first and contacted the railway police after they had ...

Dispensation Permits
20 Oct 2017

Just had a reply back from Torbay Borough Council and they are deeper in pooh than DCC. The cost to the council and ultimately to the tax payer will be in excess of £200,000. And people vote in those that are supposed to be looking after our affairs. Yeah- alright then. So are councillors fit for purpose and more importantly the officers that they employ to carry out the functions they are given?

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