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Julias Sachin
7 Nov 2017 For those who have the interest and the time to read it and maybe pick holes in it.

Lynne, I have done that and sometimes they are interested and sometimes they are not. You see LA's pay huge sums to news papers for advertisments they place in their papers. If they report anything bad about what is going on in the LA's corridors of power, what do you think might happen? News papers are themselves under pressure, and most of their income comes from advertising and I understand ...

6 Nov 2017

Lynne, You asked, " Is the cock-up to do with highways by any chance?" yes it has. It has cost DCC a lot to get this far with what they have done. It will now cost them a lot more to put things right and it is tax payers money they are playing around with. The same person (I believe) continues to make these cock-ups and it is time this person was brought to account. But they will continue to do ...

I posted on "Dawlish .com", but have been told that "the Eyes of Dawlish is a far better site". This is the post [] without the brackets. There is one negative reply, but that does not solve anything. If leatash wishes to lie in bed all day and watch the world go by for better or worse, thats his problem. So if anyone would like to agree with what I ...

leatash, I will decide that. If I think there is not enough interested, then I will not trouble myself to put it on this site. I have noticed that there appears to be plenty of apathy amomg readers of this site. No wonder the world is in the state that it is, (apathy is emdemic) until it affects them. As of now, there is only one agree and that tells me more than you will ever know.

5 Nov 2017

I have discovered another cock-up by DCC. I will not publish the details, unless there is a moderate ammount of interest. That can be done by the "Agree". If there is not enough agree's then I shall not bother because it will show me that there is no interest in what your LA's are up too. And you can all go on paying through the nose via council tax.

Parking changes
2 Nov 2017

All I can say on this subject is, the latest consolidation order is here It is through the traffic orders that over the years I have tripped DCC up. You see it costs a lot of money to produce a traffic regulation order or an amendment order and a lot to place the lines acording to the order. If they can get ...

31 Oct 2017

I have witnessed two beggars walking around Dawlish begging for money. I personally apprehended one and laid the law down to him. He gave me a lot of flack but I stood my ground. Disapointingly there were still people giving him money. Today he was outside of the post office(Strand) begging from old aged pensioners who I presume had just drawn their pensions Where are the police, where is the town ...

Planning application
31 Oct 2017

I don't really know what Dawlish (Dullish) was like over twenty years ago, but a holiday maker has just told me that he is not coming back again after coming here regularly for over thirty years. It has been ruined he said. Quite what he meant by tha, I didn't have tme to find out.

It's only a univerally used word and it is the only word many throughout the world understand.

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