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Diana Mondeo
Parking tickets
10 Sep 2017

I have found the answer to my question above and once again leatash is misleading readers to this forum. On the 2nd September 2017 you wrote:- " The same terms and conditions apply Devon County for on street Teighnbridge for car parks these terms and conditions came into force when parking was decriminalised by a act of parliament, as you will know parking illegaly used to be a criminal offence ...

10 Sep 2017

leatash, Pray tell me what TRO you were looking at, as it should have been the latest consolidation order made on the 2nd May 2017. All other orders have been revoked. And where in that order you refer too, did you find what you have posted on this site?

10 Sep 2017 If you do find that it is an offence to transfer your ticket, then please let me know. Happy hunting to you all

9 Sep 2017

Diana Mond There is nothing in the TRO that say's you cannot transfer your ticket. If it is not in the TRO then it cannot be enforced, no matter what it say's on the ticket. You cannot do certain things and those certain things have to be in the TRO, if they are not there, then you can do it. For instance; if you get a ticket for parking under the conker tree on the lawn and that is not in ...

9 Sep 2017

Confirmed, that writing "Not transferable" on a parking ticket is not enforceable. So if you wish to be a good samaritan, feel free to pass your unexpired ticket to someone else. Even if you use a machine where you have to punch in your reg number. BUT HOW MANY WILL? And more to the point, how many will accept an unexpired ticket? It was/is a scam from the day it started.

Pied Wagtails
5 Sep 2017

The average lifespan of small birds like Pied Wagtails is only a couple of years, but there have been ringed Pied Wagtails that have been known to have lived for far longer (the current record given on the BTO website being 11 years 3 months!). Read more at

4 Sep 2017

For many years (and this may interest twitchers) I have watched Pied Wagtails do something I did not know about. When it is time for them to go to bed, they fly close into their roosting site many at a time, sometimes I have seen upto about thirty. They then fly into a tree abit closer to where they sleep, about five or six at a time and then with a cheep from one of them, they bury ...

Point to Point at Black Forest will cease with immeadiate effect, should anyone require that info. The land has been sold and the new owners do not want point to point on their land.

How many Hotels did we once have in Dawlish? I live in what was one of them. Saturday nights (dance night) was alive with music.

4 Sep 2017

You can't ask our town council to come up with schemes like that. They are only interested in- Don't I look beautiful in my large brimmed hat or spending outrageous sums on white elephants that drain the purse in the belief that we will all say,"didn't they do well". I have never heard that phrase said about DTC in my life about anything.

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