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A questionable butterfly



To become intergrated, to meld with and become part of the dominant culture.

8 Jul 2018

I don't care two monkeys wether they are black, white, yellow, brown or green. What does bother me is there cultures that they bring with them and some of them are not very nice to me. Leave there cultures behind intigrate with where ever they are and I am sure things would be alot better world wide.

Clean Air
7 Jul 2018

A Bill to establish the right to breathe clean air; to require the Secretary of State to achieve and maintain clean air in England and Wales; to involve Public Health England in setting and reviewing pollutants and their limits; to enhance the powers, duties and functions of the Environment Agency, the Committee on Climate Change, local authorities (including port authorities), the Civil Aviation ...

Charging too much
5 Jul 2018

They have some hope for that to happen. If the play park was to go ahead, how many extra people would it attract to the lawn/town over those that already use it now? Pie in the sky if you ask me.

4 Jul 2018

There is a lot of talk about our high streets becoming ghost towns. Footfall has gone down significantly, which means there are not so many potential customers. Now when I was in business, I found in order to attract more custom, you lowered your prices. That is what many of the servivors in business are doing now. My take was and still is that it would be better to sell 10 items at 50p than ...

Well, we couldn't do nothing then about our rationed food except exchange what we didn't want with something that we did with someone else. So I doubt if it did happen and whose to say it won't, that anyone could stop it. If things are going tits up and the government appears to be struggling as to a way forward, then I suspect contingency plans for many things are already on someone's mind.

2 Jul 2018

Do you remember ration books???????????

2 Jul 2018

Lynne, I only know of two locally, but there are many more dotted around the country. Pinhoe Exeter has a huge freezer and cold storage for cheese, butter, some meat products, and the one at Cllumpton which I don't know too much about but I am told it is mainly to store meat. So when you are told it is fresh -really, because how would you know?

2 Jul 2018

Do you remember we used to have food mountains. Well now they are still here but they will only last about 6 -7 weeks. Butter, meat, vegetables, included. So who is doing the scaremongaring now?

elf safety, what would we do without them?

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