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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88
12 Jan 2018

And I wonder what happens to a lot of that imported food. Is it wasted because it has gone past it's sell by date after it was purchased by a consumer or is it never sold and had to be thrown away before it reached the shelf in the shop and who pay's for that wastage? The mind boggles.

12 Jan 2018

Lisa, it works like this, (and whilst you did not criticise directly) there was an air of he was not doing the right thing as it could be upsetting the wrong people. If you consistently hold up something, (it could be anything) but in this case it is the queue at the checkout that people are concerned about, then would those people complain about being held up because someone was taking the ...

12 Jan 2018

Lets hope that leatash's action (in spite of the way other's view it) will find it's way to the top. Cashiers get flack all off the time for somethings that are nothing to do with them. I have seen it and I expect others have as well. I have seen customers standing and waiting their turn at the checkout, when it is their turn, they have got nothing ready, they can't even find where they have put ...

11 Jan 2018

String fishing nets, paper bags, glass bottles, cheese cut off the block and wrapped in paper, a shopping bag that mum made out of old curtains, potatoes wern't wrapped in plastic, they were weighed in front of you and tipped into your shopping bag, fish and chips wrapped in news paper, etc,etc. If you bought a fizzy drink (Corona in my days) you paid a deposit on the bottle and took the empty ...

11 Jan 2018

Plastic is the topic for discussion at the moment and I hope it continues. Theresa May has set out a plan that will come to some sort of fruition in 25years time. I would have thought it needed immediate urgent attention. Would readers of this site stop buying goods that are wrapped in plastic, or stop buying goods that are sold in plastic bottles etc,etc? If less people bought plastic ...

11 Jan 2018

I only put it on because there was little other new discussions, just food for thought.

Rail Fares
10 Jan 2018

Rail franchises 'not giving value for money' A highly critical report from the National Audit Office says passengers on the UK's largest rail franchise have suffered the worst disruption in the country. It adds that services on Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern have been the worst on the network since Govia Thameslink (GTR) ...

10 Jan 2018

No news about anytihng for a few days. Maybe this topic will wet your appetite. M&S are being accused of over-pricing their food. My experience of the past was just that, and I have never gone to shop for food in there since. If people are so stupid to pay a lot more for food that can be bought at less than have the price they are selling it for, then that's a problem for them. They don't ...

Tit bits
8 Jan 2018

How does that really add to what I pasted cocky? Who are the parliamentary authorities cocky that would make that statement?

8 Jan 2018

Well I never! Don't they do anything else? More than 24,000 attempts have been made to access pornographic websites in parliament since June’s general election, new figures reveal. A total of 24,473 attempts to access the material from devices connected to parliament’s network were made up until October 2017 – totalling around 160 a day on average. The data, released after a ...

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