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A questionable butterfly


Pete B
Pics 23 02 2018
28 Feb 2018

Perhaps the vehicle is classed as a medical aid. If it is/was, then no traffic laws can touch it. Strange things can happen every day.

28 Feb 2018

May not have been such an idiot parking on the pavement. The photographer will know whether or not there may have been a mechanical problem, and the driver got the car out of the way from the rest of the traffic on the road. The traffic on the pavement still had room to pass.

most of the F1 cars are british made--- so I understand, and Made in Britain MINI – MINI, MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman, in Cowley, Oxford Honda – Civic and CR-V in Swindon Toyota – Auris, Auris hybrid and Avensis in Burnaston, Derbyshire Nissan – Juke, Qashqai, Note and Leaf and Infiniti Q30 in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear Lotus – Elise, Evora and Exige in ...

Reading the article further, the American lobyist's are claiming that the higher standards that we have in place----------------------------------------------------------Phew! is a form of tarriff. So tarriff's come in all sorts of way's. That has got to be a new one.

27 Feb 2018

Just read in the i news paper, that the Americans are trying to get our food standards lowered, so that it will make it easier for the Americans to export a lot of their dairy products to us. Surely it would be better for all, (including the animal welfare) for the Americans to raise their standards.

Just a thought. Many years ago when I was at Bisley the main rifle shooting centre of gb, I was ready to part with my hard earned cash to buy a brand new anschutz rifle (German). I do not remember what I was going to pay exactly (but it was in the thousands), but I do remember someone dragging me back from the counter, and telling me that I could get it cheaper if I went to Germany and bought one ...

One thing I have never quite worked out, but some bright spark to this site maybe able to help. For every pound handed out by the government, how much in taxes find it's way back to the government?

26 Feb 2018

It's only money.

Pics 22 02 2018
25 Feb 2018

More reason's why there should be a levy placed on those can's. How about 20p per can refunded when you take the can back.

Lynne, Brexit is brexit and it covers many, many, many, many different parts. If a new thread was to be started to cover each and every one seperately, I am pretty sure we would run out of space and time to read it all. As with most things, until it affects someone, no one is bothered. When we voted to exit, did anyone know what they were voting for? I doubt it very much because no one knows ...

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