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Berniece Wallace86

Here is the latest 'food for thought' Senior Cabinet Minister warns that ‘no deal’ Brexit could trigger new recession

Lycra louts about.
30 Jul 2018

Now the police are getting involved. So slow down, be patient and give the cyclists plenty of room when you do over take them. If you cannot do any of those things, the bill will be watching you, which could result in a ban and points on you licence. And I have to say I have witnessed some horrendous over taking by woman drivers who appear in many cases to have no spacial awareness.

@monty , are you asking me? yes i have been to totnes hundreds of times and i always steered clear of what i thought were the funny ones. same as i do here in dawlish.

30 Jul 2018

When I knew someone from Totnes, I was told that alot of people in Totnes are spaced out most ot the time. I think it has something to do with drug taking.

30 Jul 2018

More than odd in many ways and just down the road is Dartington college - - - - -well!!!!!!!

30 Jul 2018

Do you know the people of Totnes?

I remember shortly after the ref, a director of an investment company, telling me it will be the end of the financial prowess as we know it. Well I have not seen any appreciable change since then although there have been some threats that some are going but are still here.

29 Jul 2018

All speculation!!!!!!!!!

26 Jul 2018

@burnside Because life in this country only existed post-1973. Those were the best yeas of my life, the like I will never see again. Cliff Richard, Tom Jones, Eden Kane, Oh musn't forget The Beatles and I could go on. Still nice to listen to today. On a Sunday evening, radio devon play all the oldies.

25 Jul 2018

Just wait until lidl or aldi start a home delivery service. But they may not entertain it just like the fuel they do not sell.

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