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Sophie Victoria88
24 Jan 2018

Just noticed on a machine in a Teignbridge owned off street car park, that there is a 20p convenience charge. Anyone know why Teighbridge charge double what Exeter charges for the same service. And does anyone know whether or not, Teignbridge absorb the charge.

24 Jan 2018

Right from the horses mouth. I have just found out the the 10p charged in Exeter for the use of ringo or pay by phone, is absorbed by Exeter City Council. So anyone that has found they have been charged 10p in any of Exeter City Council off street car parks when the have used the ringo or pay by phone service shouldn't have been. Someone has called it a "convenience fee", but that convenience ...

If they said that supermarkets could only sell British produce post - Brexit, it might help. I am told (No proof mind you), that ASDA milk is the produce of France. If it is true and they would have to tow the line by only being able to sell British produce, would it create a milk shortage here, or is there a surplus that we know nothing about at the moment. They say if there is no murmor from the ...

23 Jan 2018

Prices stated are misread most of the time. £5.99p is closer to £6 than it is to £5. Regarding the P&D Their pricing is deliberate as they know that not many people carry the correct change and they know that if you try to pay less, thet may still get you to a situation where they keep the change. I challenged this situation many years ago. Reply was, machines would need to be much bigger, be ...

23 Jan 2018

As I have never used ringo or pay by phone, I wouldn't have a clue as to wether or not there is a charge on your card if you use that service. I believe there is, but those that use the service will know for certain and will be able to tell us.

22 Jan 2018

In case anyone has missed it.

Foregone conclusion, why bother?

I am watching Lynne to see who will do it first.

19 Jan 2018

Brexit is a chance to slash food prices while freeing our farmers from the subsidy straitjacket WARWICK LIGHTFOOT Telegraph

19 Jan 2018

Put a tax on the processed foods then, like they are thinking of doing on plastic bottles and the like. What is the saying "???????? there's a way". There has got to be a way to get people to change their eating habits to achieve a more healthier life style.

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