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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

The railings on the other side are bog standard, why could they not use those on the damaged side even if it is of a temporary nature?

Calamari, You are so, so wrong again. I have a blue badge and I have never found it difficult getting in and out of my car that is parked in a purposely made disable bay. Just drive into one and see what you think and then you may think I have no venemous tounge, but you might like to look at your own.

25 Mar 2018

What I have done in situations such as this. Let the passengers out before you go into the parking space, then keep your vehicle as tight as you possibly can to the left hand white line. And do things in reverse when you wish to leave. I have had moans about those to my left, but as long as I am within the white lines there is little they can do other than bash your vehicle about a bit and I ...

25 Mar 2018

And another bit of crap that local authorities do not take any notice of. What is the standard width of a car parking space? The minimum size of a standard parking space shall be nine feet wide and eighteen feet long. Parking spaces within enclosed garages shall have an interior dimension of at least ten feet wide and twenty feet long. The minimum size of a compact ...

25 Mar 2018

And who is going to complain to TDC??????????

Diesel Heads
24 Mar 2018

I wonder what car makers are doing this. Diesel has again become a toxic fuel after it emerged car companies were fiddling the results of environmental tests in order to sell their vehicles.

And the gravey train chuggs along.

Calamari. Taking your eye off the ball is to me falling asleep on the job. If he had been wide awake, he would have known what was going on. He is just not up to it. Move over. He is not fit for purpose.

20 Mar 2018

Is flooding new to this town? And if Terry Lowther falls asleep on the job, doesn't he think himself, it is time to pack it in?

And if no one gives the councillors some stick, they will think they have done everything as it should be.

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