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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mondeo

No , just a general reason. Besides, how would you know who voted for who and what would have been their reason for doing so? If you voted for someone, unless you told someone else why you voted for that person, how would anyone know and the reason why you did it? Don't tell me there is a psychic living in Dawlish and your crystal ball needs a bit of a polish before it can give you an answer.

3 weeks ago

Lynne I will bump this back to the top again. I appears to me that many, not only on this topic but others in general are dissatisfied with many of our town councillors and I certainly agree as many are as useless as a chocolate fire guard. However, all counciillors are voted into office by the electorate or co-opted onto the council because of (to my mind) there are vacancies through not ...

Tuck's plot
3 weeks ago

Don't you folk on here think it would a good idea to move the cycle path at Tuck's plot to the other side of the plot, reinstate the seats that were taken away where the cycle path is now, and allow people to sit and watch the world go by and the fountain splashing out water. People have been complainig ever since the path was finished about no seating, but no one is listening.

Parking tickets
24 Sep 2017

Lynne, You asked: Can one of you explain please why it is that in some car parks you take a ticket when you go in and then pay whatever amount is due for the amount of time you have stayed in the car park when you leave, whereas for other car parks you pay at the beginning of your stay for, say, 2 hours, even if you only use the space for 1 hour? I cannot really answer it, other than it ...

24 Sep 2017

Now for the good news. After not receiving any confirmation from Anne Marie Morris MP which I told everyone what I had done at the begining of this topic, I have finally received a letter which was delivered to the wrong address and opened in error. I might add--DONKEYS! because it clearly stated my name on the address. But I think that because it was in a House of Commons envelope, someone wanted ...

23 Sep 2017

For anyone interested, from Torbay council after I asked and have asked them more questions on the subject of the car parks they own. 4. Is there ANPR cameras installed in any of the car parks that you own? Yes. The ANPR cameras are used as a management system and not to enforce. Well, they are telling porkies, because Berry Head car park is owned by torbay but that car ...

23 Sep 2017

Lisa, Councillor Clatworthy is to blame for this. He is the cabinet member for Finance. He was the one that pushed for and succeeded in getting on street parking meters in Dawlish, he has been the one that has been pushing for more on street parking controls in towns where there is very little control and very little congestion problems ----but he will not admit to any of it. In fact when I ...

22 Sep 2017

Just had this arrive by email. I asked a local authority several questions about the transfer of parking tickets, You do not need to know what questions I asked or who the local authority was. I can only assume that to place Not Transferable on a purchased ticket was a mistake and someone somewhere should be held accountable for that error. I will follow this up however. This was a FOI ...

22 Sep 2017

Plod, there is. local authorities can only use an approved device, and unfortunately an ANPR camera is not an approved device for parking in local authority car parks. They can be used on private land and for speeding purposes by the police. The problem is, not many people know that, local authority officers know that many people don't know that, so officers will get away with anything until ...

22 Sep 2017

Diana Mond, We can now all see what you are like. I asked a smple question and instead of answering the question you ask me another question, so I will do the same on this occasion And before you get riled up about that, why are there ANPR cameras in some local authority car parks if they cannot be used for enforcement purposes? And here is another question that you may like to answer------- What ...

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