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Diana Mondeo

There are roads in Exeter where you are permitted to park on the pavement. I have argued for years that it would be better to stop pavement parking everywhere, but allow mounting the pavement to pass a vehicle if there is not enough room to pass on the road. That way there would be no obstruction of the foot path. Why should push chairs and mobility scooters have to go into the road just to pass a ...

As you know, the CAC has no budget and all decisions have to be authorised by the F&GP Committee anyway. Six members of the CAC also sit on the F&GP Committee so there is a 8 duplication of effort with matters being discussed first at CAC and then again at F&GP Committee by mainly the same councillors.

2 weeks ago

What is a quorum? And did four members meet the requirement?

Many days of the week I am unavalable. Wednesday's are one of them. Not bothered really as they would probably claim I am a disruptive influence and that would be before I said anything. Hope someone can report on what took place?

3 weeks ago

Burnside, because I have on occasions had to visit the surgery many times, I have seen and watched what goes on. I have seen potential patients swear at the receptionists and on one occasionn, there was a young lad with a very yong child that went into see my doctor before me, and really upset my doctor. Luckily, because I always addressed my doctor by his first name, we struck up quite a rapor ...

3 weeks ago

Thankfully, I have had excellent service from the Barton surgery over the years. I have been able to get an appoinment quickly when it is urgent. I have had treatment arranged quickly where I have had to go elsewhere for diagnosis, followed by excellent treatment. I have had cancer, now cured. I have had heart by-passes and I have quite recently had a major abdominable aneurysm operation ...

I would like to know but we are never told, what councillours decide what is going to be in the agenda? The town clerks input should only be writing up the agenda after it has been agreed by the councillors.

Memorial Garden
3 weeks ago

So nothing changes. Councillors are being run down and now there are remarks directed at the clerk. Where did the councillors pluck her from? I remember a long time ago, I was always in dispute with the town clerk at the time, who was imported from Okehampton. Okehampton could not get rid of him fast enough, so they wrote a fantastic reference for him and DTC took the bait. I wonder if the same ...

Dunno about that, but I heard once along time ago that Mystic Megg was being called into help design it.

3 weeks ago

Trouble is with tea leaves, you get a different pattern in every cup.

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