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A questionable butterfly


Barton Car Park
1½ weeks ago

What views of mine don't you like flo, I will try to correct them if it suits you.

1½ weeks ago

You have to consider every eventuality flo, not just the ones that suit you.

1½ weeks ago

What about BB holders who do not have a permit to park in Teignbridge car parks and therefore have to pay. Are they expected to walk to another machine?

1½ weeks ago

I don't pay to park, so it doesn't affect me, but thanks anyway.

Here is the latest 'food for thought' Senior Cabinet Minister warns that ‘no deal’ Brexit could trigger new recession

Lycra louts about.
2 weeks ago

Now the police are getting involved. So slow down, be patient and give the cyclists plenty of room when you do over take them. If you cannot do any of those things, the bill will be watching you, which could result in a ban and points on you licence. And I have to say I have witnessed some horrendous over taking by woman drivers who appear in many cases to have no spacial awareness.

@monty , are you asking me? yes i have been to totnes hundreds of times and i always steered clear of what i thought were the funny ones. same as i do here in dawlish.

2 weeks ago

When I knew someone from Totnes, I was told that alot of people in Totnes are spaced out most ot the time. I think it has something to do with drug taking.

2 weeks ago

More than odd in many ways and just down the road is Dartington college - - - - -well!!!!!!!

2 weeks ago

Do you know the people of Totnes?

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