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Diane Mondeo
Devon leisure
Julias Sachin
Splatford Split
1½ weeks ago

In the past on many occasions, I have done just that, noton this site I might add. And you know what? some have taken it on as they knew it all along. Well this time, no one has come forward with any new information, so I will take it that no one does know anything about what is going on at Splatford Split slip road. I will give it a few more days before I reveal what it is, just in case ...

1½ weeks ago

I was a bit short on what I requested. I should have added the word "NEW" just before the word "INFORMATION". And guess what, the know it all came back with information that is readily available on line to anyone who cares to look. There is so much more that the know it all could have gleaned from the net, but choose only to provide something that anyone who has driven on that road would know ...

Everything that Diana Mond has suggested would happen, is happening now, so that was a waste of time telling us. I have had people over the years asking where such and such a place is and they are stood within feet of a sign telling them what they are asking me. What does that tell us? Is there a toilet around here and they are right beside of one. I parked my car in a car park but I can't ...

1½ weeks ago

We have a wonderful Tourist Information Centre. Have one sign at each entrance to the Town telling everyone where it is, just like there is a sign telling everyone where the hospital is. At the TIC, pick up a map of Dawlish which would show were everything is or what they want us to know just as the signs do now and maybe a bit more info. Then all the signs dotted everywhere could be torn down. ...

Splatford Split
2 weeks ago

I did, but that info is freely available online. I just knew you would be the one to come back with a silly answer in that way (and I am not psychic). Good for you. There are more serious happenings going on, and I wondered if anyone else had any information about it. Three authorities were involved, guess who is under the cosh?

Cancelled for what reason?

Splatford Split
2 weeks ago

As you purport to be so good at giving answers to other things, one would have thought you could have done better than that.

2 weeks ago

Does anyone have any information about the slip road at Splatford split and the A380. That is Haldon Hill/Telegraph Hill? If not I will update those that maybe interestedat at later date.

Well you muppet, I would have thought you could find that out yourself, but it appears you have to be spoon feb the news and what is going on in this crazy world of ours. M r Cameron went on: “Nigeria and Afghanistan - possibly two of the most corrupt countries in the world.”

2 weeks ago

I cannot go into specifics, but I know where a house was built outside of the building line. It was brought to the attention of the planning authority (and it just so happens it was Teignbridge). They totally ignored objections and on top of that, they  (the builders totally ignored some of the conditions of the application). Another planning blunder was the Haldon camp site, it is now dream city ...

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