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Pete B

Lynne, your title suggests it is a proposal, yet reading through the minutes, it appears that it is a done deal and that the play park will go ahead subject to funding - is that correct? Ithought that somewhere in the pipe line, there was another consultation to take place - have I got that right?

1 Apr 2018

Councils in England will from today be able to almost double the maximum on-the-spot fine for littering. Come to Dawlish, there are cig ends everywhere. They would have a field day.

Where is this tranceparency thingy that those in power are always babbling on about? We will know what it will cost later and we will know who the succesful contractor will be,so why aren't we allowed to know first as last. Can councillors be trusted to select a contractor on price alone? Because chances are, that's what they will do.

We never had reusable plastic bags in my younger days, we had a shopping bags that mother made from old worn out clothes-they were unique and did not advertise for free for anyone. I don't buy plastic bags now, I use bags that have been disgarded by someone else - it costs nothing. The death of any high st is self inflicted. Shop keepers complained about parking in the streets. Local authorities ...

28 Mar 2018

burnside, if you do not pay the deposit and it could be as much as 22p a bottle, then you will not be able to purchase the goods that you require. Simple really. No deposit = no goods= no plastic that you can throw away.

28 Mar 2018

Just a thought!! If people still put cans and bottles in the bins for collection, will it breed a new type of person who will go along and empty the bins before the bin collection people get there. Could be a lucrative business.

28 Mar 2018

On my way to Newton Abbot this morning, I noticed hundreds of boxes full up with bottles and cans of all descriptions ready for the bin men to pick up. Will that be a thing of the past or will people still be throwing money away by leaving boxes still full withwith bottles and cans. I wonder what will happen.

That was the tree that used to have an argument with the tall fair vehicles, perhaps they had a say in the short back and sides.

Now the government says it plans to introduce a deposit scheme for single-use plastic bottles in England. It will increase prices, but shoppers will get the money back if they return the container. It will also apply to glass bottles and steel and aluminium cans. And not before time, butit still does not say how much the deposit will be. In my youth, there was 3pennies deposit ...

I don't mean use those in situ now, I mean get the bog standard railings from source and instal them. They are used everywhere on the sides of rail tracks. How long did it take the contractors to remove the old railings on the Marine Parade side of the track and replace it with the bog standard railings, I think it was completed in less than a week.

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