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A questionable butterfly


Pete B
Exeter elections
5 May 2018

That's the point. When we finally get our independence, it will be job done. Well done NF.

5 May 2018

UKIP got the result they wanted - job done!!!!! or nearly done. So they do not need to do anything else.

Cat attack
5 May 2018


Exeter elections
4 May 2018

Looking at the results and listening to the so called top brass of each party, itis no wonder people fail to vote. There were less than 50% in each place that stood to gain a vote. Speaks volumns!!!

There is no control over cats, except if they are a house cat where they never venture outside of the four walls they are in.

The Stars & Stripes
28 Apr 2018

I think he is a live canon.

The government has funded this survey, so they must have concluded that an inland route is not viable, but that there is mileage in keeping the Dawlish Warren to Teignmouth line.

There are some terrible people that we have to put up with, but shouldn't have too. I remember many years ago when the motorway was opened to Exeter. I was coming back from Cullumpton and hadn't gone that far when I came across a bag in the centre of the near side lane. I pulled onto the hard shoulder and retrieved the bag and had no idea what was in it. There were 8 kittens about a couple of ...

Shows the rubbish that this paper produces. There are many things they haven't included.

1 Apr 2018

I don't think dropping a cig end is accidental or leaving a can or bottle on the pavementi s accidental. As there have been so few people charged with littering, where have you conjured up "companies tasked to enforce the anti-littering do not abide by the law themselves" where has this taken place? I think it was leatash who commented on students dropping litter at South Devon college and when he ...

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