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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mondeo

The top end of the lawn is very close to Force & Sons and some of the other estate agents. Me thinks there could be an ulterior motive about the site of the suggested play park. What part does Mr force play on the local chamber of commerce?

No! you are not being obtuse. I should have made it clearer thus:- The law only applies to those that are able to apply it. If they decide not to apply the law, then who else can? If the parking services decide to ignore the PCN issued to certain people (and it is there right to do so) They call it using their discretion. Who is going to challenge that decision?

2 weeks ago

(3) Wherever Parking Bays are provided vehicles shall be positioned wholly within the markings of a Parking Bay CONTRAVENTION AND PENALTY CHARGE Contravention 5. If a Vehicle is left in a Parking Place without complying with the requirements of this Order, a contravention shall have occurred and a Penalty Charge shall be payable. As I have always been taught, THE LAW ONLY APPLIES TO THOSE ...

Maybe Mr Dale and others have applied for a dispensation permit and nobody who is contracted to issue permits has bothered to check on the location properly. But that still does not stop those with the legal right to issue a FPN if they find the permit (if they have one) is not for parking on the pavement. Scaffolders I understand have to attach an official notice to their scaffolding if it is ...

2 weeks ago

The biggest lie I have heard from Theresa May in her conference speech. Our national debt is the lowest it has ever been BUT:- The UK national debt has risen by £555 billion since 2010 under ... And 2bn of that went to the DUP to support keeping the CONS in power So is it a misleading statement or what?

Parking tickets
2 weeks ago

This is just a quick update. There are many issues that I have been dealing with that involves DCC and TDC. I think TDC is finished with, as they are going to remove the need for motorists to have to punch in their VRN, which makes it easier to transfer an unexpired off street pay and display ticket. But DCC have three problems to deal with and they are struggling. (1) transferability of ...

2 weeks ago

One of my other good experiences I have had with the Barton Surgery. I was waiting in the queue on one occasion (maybe a couple of years ago) when the lady in front of me was complaining about the cost of ringing the surgery to make an appointment. I didn't know there was a cost. When I got into see my doctor, after he had dealt with the problem I had, he asked me if there was anything else ...

Black swan
2 weeks ago

I have heard (Don't know if there is any truth in it) that one of the black swans nesting opposite the Monkey House, was found dead with a broken neck. No feathers to give any indication of how it happened. Is there any truth in it? After all, they were brooding 7 seven eggs.

And all from guidance from the clerk

2 weeks ago

I wonder if some people have an attitude problem and that that is quickly regognised by the staff. Because I don't know why some of us get excellent service and others are always complaining about it. There must be an answer there somewhere.

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