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Wasn't that money spent on the Strand improvements because there was an overspend on what DCC had set aside. As it is not and never will be part of my agenda, I thought I would put in two- penny worth for others to look into it.

At that time, I told Mr Dicks (not Dix) that the signs were going to cost between 30k and 40k, he didn't or couldn't believe it. I told him to make the request via WDTK and as you can see, I wasn't far out. Poor old Mr D. R.I.P.

But Diana Mond has not stated YET what needs to be clarified in the Splatford Split topic.

Splatford Split
1½ weeks ago

What do you want clarified?

1½ weeks ago

I thought Diana Mond was clever at working out riddles, but I guess not.

1½ weeks ago

leatash The same sort of people that use the Fingle Glen slip road, good drivers. I know some drivers who will not use the slip road opposite Commercial Road, Exeter, they drive all the way up the inner by-pass to the Holloway/South street junction and drive back down again. If you don't teach drivers to do things properly, they cannot teach themselves, they are in a groove. Why do so many ...

1½ weeks ago

Land is involved which in turn involves money. But don't tell anyone!"£$%$£"!

1½ weeks ago

Well Lynne, having read through (which I presume you have) the state of what has happened so far in the Splatford Split slip road case. You do not think there has been any corruption connected with it? Is that correct? The first question I asked when I started to look into it was,"why did they want to close this slip road?" I will leave it to other readers to provide a substantial reason why ...

1½ weeks ago

Officers of local authorities are corrupt with their own power and that is relayed on to some members. synonyms: dishonest , dishonourable , unscrupulous , unprincipled , amoral , untrustworthy , underhand , deceitful , double-dealing , disreputable , discreditable , shameful , scandalous ; So which of the above words would anyone sugest (having read ...

1½ weeks ago

I am not an “attention seeker” as someone has suggested and some agree with, what I am trying to do is to bring to readers attention the corruption that goes on in local politics as well as national politics by providing information as to what really goes on and not what some people think goes on. News papers wouldn’t dare to provide it. I have always asked questions as to why people want to ...

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