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Berniece Wallace86
Buy to let
25 Jun 2018

I see that the 'buy to let' is under attack (and so it should be). And Mrs May has been urged to crack- down on it. We shall see!!!!!!

Free car park, but for how long? Berry Head carpark are charging customers to park by the wrong people.

When I was a youngster, we had one play park that served everybody in about a 2mile radius. Why do we need another one? Why can'y the ones we already have be brought up to date if that is what is needed. How many play parks are there in Dawlish at present and where are they situated?

22 Jun 2018

People have to drive or walk to the new countryside park along exeter road. Why can't the playpark at Sandy Lane be expanded to cater for those that want to use it using the same method to get to the play park as they now do to get to the countryside park. There would then be no need to interfer with the lawn are of the town. How many more play areas does this town need?

20 Jun 2018

Where did the need for a play park in the lawn area come from? Is it that some councillors are trying to think of something that might be needed, but don't really know what it is. What else could form an attraction for this area or should it be left well alone? In a few years time - maybe, there may well be sites available closer to the beach. If the railway line is to be pushed 30 mtrs out to ...

Green loss
17 Jun 2018

So the government is going to relax the number of immigrants. Hunt, the health and social care secretary, and Javid, the home secretary, have been privately lobbying the prime minister to ease restrictions that between November and April denied more than 2,300 doctors from outside the European Economic Area the chance to work in the NHS . 2,300 doesn't sound a lot, but add that to what is ...

17 Jun 2018

In those days - which I  remember well. No washing machines, hardly any TV's, hardly any cars, hardly nothing of anything. You could leave your door unlocked only for a neighbour or two to come in and borrow something they had not got but you had. There was no such thing as burglary, because we had nothing. You could exchange your ration coupons for something you wanted for something the other ...

17 Jun 2018

Well, the future to me is frightening. Technology is increasing at a rapid rate. There is already a machine picking strawberries, cars are being built by robots. Amazon has a warehouse so big, that robots have had to take over to select the goods ordered and go and collect them and place them in the right place for delivery. And there are many more jobs done by robots that we do not know about. So ...

17 Jun 2018

Lynne in answer to your reply to leatash. If there were not so many immigrants there woul be no need for more construction workers to construct all the infrastructure. We now need more of everything, but not if the demand was not there. There has to be a point in time where something has to give. This part of his speech:- Powell was concerned about the current level of immigration and argued ...

17 Jun 2018

Lynne, you may remember the famous speech by Enoch Powell. Well instead of the government trying to prove him wrong all of the time, show us that he was right in most of what he said.

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