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Diane Mondeo
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Julias Sachin

I for one will not be signing for a play park in that location. So I think 239 votes so far is a good indication it will not go much further.

Once again Diana Mond is oh so wrong with her statement, " Majorp, the way you talk with your ill-founded allegations of malfeasance". If only you knew.

8 Oct 2017

That is what is meant by foot fall, the more people you get to visit one part of any town, the more buisiness is likely to be generated. There are no estate agents down the other end of the lawn. I wonder if that explains the ulteriour motive why a buisiness person of the town is motivated to get more people up his end of the lawn. Makes sense if you were lacking in something that you wanted a ...

8 Oct 2017

And Sandy lane would have been even smaller, had tesco's had their way. Remember the building opposite Sandy Lane that housed all of the equiptment that was needed to look after the play area of Sandy Lane (it now has two houses built on it) Cricket pitch, and the Golf course. All that equiptment is now kept under the swimming pool which does not meet ELF & safety. the ceiling is too low and on ...

8 Oct 2017

Where else in the Dawlish town centre or very close to it, is there any real open space that could be used for maybe other purposes to attract others. I can't think of any. The buffoons of the past has packed us in like sardines, and they are still doing it.

Lynne, I know the park you are talking about. And when I was there a few years back now, it was crowded. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, so that may have made a difference as to why it was so packed.

Foot fall is the ulterior motive. The more people that visits the top end of the lawn, the more people are likely to visit shops and that end.

7 Oct 2017

The top end of the lawn is very close to Force & Sons and some of the other estate agents. Me thinks there could be an ulterior motive about the site of the suggested play park. What part does Mr force play on the local chamber of commerce?

No! you are not being obtuse. I should have made it clearer thus:- The law only applies to those that are able to apply it. If they decide not to apply the law, then who else can? If the parking services decide to ignore the PCN issued to certain people (and it is there right to do so) They call it using their discretion. Who is going to challenge that decision?

5 Oct 2017

(3) Wherever Parking Bays are provided vehicles shall be positioned wholly within the markings of a Parking Bay CONTRAVENTION AND PENALTY CHARGE Contravention 5. If a Vehicle is left in a Parking Place without complying with the requirements of this Order, a contravention shall have occurred and a Penalty Charge shall be payable. As I have always been taught, THE LAW ONLY APPLIES TO THOSE ...

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