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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mondeo

Not me. I have seen them so many times, I have lost interest in looking out for them.

Dawlish as I see it is full of estate agents, cafe's and druggies. They are building too many houses with no space left for anything else, and it is that anything else we require, but where would it go? as far out of town as possible like this new so called play park. Who's going to go there? And who is going to come to Dawlish in the years to come, just to sit in a cafe, watch druggies and ...

I saw a girl riding her bike just before Elmgrove Road, no hands on the handle bars, she was using her mobile phone. Good in it, cyclists ignore the law everywhere.

22 Aug 2017

Not me! I heard heard many different acounts, most were not very complimentary. Different things please different people.

Why does leatash think Coryton Cove is the responsibilty of DCC, does he/she know something that I don't.

21 Aug 2017

leatash you wrote, " DEEDOODLE there are more pressing problems than a bit of mud on a footpath ie we have a main road the A379 that in places is not fit for purpose and thousands use on a daily basis and has been like it for years. Iwill ask a question why is it we cant get the A379 Exeter Road resurfaced and yet any day soon Coryton Close is being resurfaced." Probably the reason being, ...

19 Aug 2017

Well done Lynne. Public foot path's which I assume this is, is the responsibility of DCC. Dawlish TC should know this and should have redirected the complainer of this problem to them. I seem to rember that the duck wardens at one stage where clearing the over grown hedges on behalf of DCC, so maybe they should have a looksee, to see if they can do anything about it. here is the link to DCC ...

DEEDOODLE, What would you like to changed?

18 Aug 2017

Jesus Christ is supposed to be a HE! Why not query that?

17 Aug 2017

An Obituary printed in the London  Times.....Brilliant !! Today we mourn the passing of a beloved  old friend, Common Sense, (Don't get common sense muddled up with common purpose). who has been with us for many years. No one  knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago  lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having  cultivated such valuable lessons ...

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