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A questionable butterfly


Green loss
14 Jun 2018

LOSS OF GREEN AREAS INCREASES BY 58 PER CENT, CPRE SAYS Analysis by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has suggested that the amount of farmland, forests, gardens and greenfield land lost to housing development each year has increased by 58 per cent. So developing on the lawn will add to this loss even if it is only to develope a play park.

Dogs on Lawn plus.
12 Jun 2018

Lynne, just like parking controls, it should and would be self finacing. If it is'nt, then the enforcers have done a good job by not having people breaking the bye-law or they have not done a good job and the burden of employing the enforcers fall on the tax payer and dogs roam around at their pleasure.

House of Faser
7 Jun 2018

Show's how much I know. With the demise of many of it's stores throughout the country I didn't know that Exeter had a House of Fraser store.

The cap doesn't fit me, so I'm out of the loop. Will be interested to know who it does fit though.

Pubs open 24/7 and free beer paid for by the tax payer. Open up cannibis smoking shops where you can smoke to your hearts content without fear of being arrested. Make compulsory skipping lessons for kids who are over-weight. Ban mobile phones in public places. Allow the keep fit cyclists to ride four abreast. No more the two charity shops in anyone street. Licence all dog owners in Teignbridge. ...

There are many factors in all of this that show me what a waste of time all the councillors are. First your councillor claims to represent your interests, so why hasn't your councillor asked the question of the town clerk who normally organises the show, why it is not been made known generally to other members of the public. Members of the public should not have to ask what is going on within ...

Lycra louts about.
8 May 2018

All this talk about what happens, figures produced etc,etc. Does not solve anything and I don't think it ever will. You will always get inconsiderate people whatever mode of transport they use, be it pedal power, foot or motorized power.

7 May 2018

Traffic is of all kinds. Why does DEEDOODLE think that car drivers have anymore right to a road space than any other kind of traffic?

Now that the band have been exposed, when will they start to play the music I wonder?

7 May 2018

Nice to know we have a transparent lawn working group. When will it come into view?

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