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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88

I suppose it never entered his head that anyone woould know about it except the person/s who have now got him on the rack. She will be working hard over this xmas, to make sure all is not revealed. Enjoy your xmas Theresa, may (no pun) your god go with you.

22 Dec 2017

With my uni experience, they are all at it and they will do their damndest to stop any revelations.

22 Dec 2017

And, Downing Street denies that the prime minister knew anything about Ms Maltby's allegations. A source added that "everyone should be able to work in politics without fear or harassment". Damian Green also denied the allegations. I wonder what the paper trail will reveal?

Tit bits
21 Dec 2017

Just to let everyone know, politicians don't lie - do they? Theresa May has sacked Damian Green after a probe found he lied about porn being found on his Commons computer. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!!!!! And he was her deputy.

20 Dec 2017

leatash There are so many services provided, out of all of them which would you like to see improved the most and why?

20 Dec 2017

And I am sure there will be a lot more new year surprises. I note that the crime commisioner is thinking about adding a little bit more to the council tax.

20 Dec 2017

Council tax is interesting. Theresa May set for embarrassing climbdown over Brexit date amendment Theresa May is set for a humiliating climbdown on her promise to stamp the Brexit date into UK law as scores of MPs line up to back a rival amendment. Theresa May fails to raise Britain First retweets in call with Donald Trump Theresa May did not raise her concerns about Donald ...

On his way
19 Dec 2017

On his way from where?

Planning application
19 Dec 2017

No one know's yet whether or not it will be an improvement. We shall have to wait on that one.

Tit bits
19 Dec 2017

Never ending. Theresa May 'preparing for third big Brexit speech' to set out trade aims Theresa May is reportedly preparing for a third major speech on Brexit to set out her aims for a future trade deal with the EU. Jeremy Corbyn says he will ‘probably’ become Prime Minister within next year Jeremy Corbyn has said he will ‘probably’ become Prime Minister within the ...

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