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Sophie Victoria88
Parking tickets Part 2
1½ weeks ago

plod also say's" If under the Traffic Management Act 2004 it is against the law to use DfT approved ANPR/CCTV to enforce council owned off street car parks then just show us that law majorp. Until you do, all you have is snippets and hearsay." He keeps on asking for the law and yet he is so good at finding things that doesn't matter but cannot find the law that does. Dear oh dear. If as ...

1½ weeks ago

Spin again plod!!!!!!

1½ weeks ago

S oto plod and HIS cohorts, lisa especially who has taken the bait. The law has been staring you both in the face. And because neither of you had the ability to answer quite resonable questions (you just went off in a tangent and produced rubbish that had nothing to do with ANPR). Below is just a small extract from the DVLA, which demostrates quite clearly why it would be impossible for LA's to ...

2 weeks ago

Next time you go in to Gerald's to shop (thats if it is one of the shops you visit) ask them.

Another scam
2 weeks ago

Had a text from Argos (it stacked under Argos, along with the "your order is ready for collection" texts- which is a bit odd...) Apparently, I have a refund due of £180!

plod, thatis the biggest load of rubbish I have heard for a long, long time. I do hope that others will wake up to the fact that you do not know what you are talking about. I just can't believe such nonsense, but as I have said, "you have your followers who have been sucked in by it".

2 weeks ago

Bastin's, so I have been told. Will be replaced by Poundland. Not sure whether they have taken over Bastin's or are just moving into the space left by Bastin's. And, Gerald's is under new ownership/management.

plod has followers of note. I have tried subtely to explain by examples given. And because plod will still not answer the question posed he appears to be getting away with his beliefs. He say's:- " Just because they don't do so does not mean they cannot and no where in their answers do they say they cannot." They cannot because they don't know how to use ANPR cameras in LA off street ...

3 weeks ago

In spite of what plod is saying to convince others that he is right and I am wrong. As you know I made a request to Bournemouth Council about the use of their ANPR. Because plod has said they have approval to use ANPR in there car parks, that was not true either. Readers will note that I have asked one specific question and there has been no answer to it. Even if there was aproval to use ANPR ...

3 weeks ago

Is there anything in the published letter that could not be related to what is in fact the real situation we all face. What drives these people to do such heinous acts? What do they hope to achieve? They usually blow themselves up, so they would not know they had achieved anything by thier actions.

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