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Diane Mondeo
Devon leisure
Julias Sachin
3 days ago

Has any reader of this site paid for a parking ticket by using the facility called Ringo? If you have no change, you can ring a number provided on the ticket machine, give your details over the phone and when a CEO gets to your vehicle, he/she can type in your VRM and find out whether or not you have paid to park. If for some reason you did not give ringo the correct info, you will get a ...


3 days ago

Tory's will make sure they are ok, even if they lose the battle - rest assured. You must have noticed how many times Mrs May has uttered the words, "for all the nation". Just like "God save the queen", why can't it be "god save all of us".

4 days ago

Michael Gove: The British people can change Theresa May's Brexit deal at the next election In a thinly-veiled swipe at the agreement the Prime Minister reached with Brussels following lengthy negotiations, the leading Brexiteer said voters remained "in control" of the process.

5 days ago

And what will the other mep's get? The same, less, more or nothing.

Has anyone ever thought about expanding Sandy Lane play park? Plenty of car parking spaces which is more than you would get if the play park was built on the lawn. I think you will find that what they have there now is fully used everyday by lots of people with their children of all ages. Is that rocket science or what?

NatWest Teignmouth
6 days ago

What needs to happen though is, that those that are working should not have to live off benefits and regularly go to food banks just to live. So, do you live to work or work to live?

I could not agree more

The town centre projects. Unless everything to do with the lawn, is going to be done for free. Is that possible? I don't know.

1½ weeks ago

So is there any money left in the coffers from the s106, or will it be new money from somewhere else that will have to fund it? Precept, precept oh precept I expect budgets are being talked about, it's the time of the year.

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