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A questionable butterfly


Berniece Wallace86
17 Aug 2018

@S like it or not, they are my opinions.

17 Aug 2018

@S have you heard of freedom of speech and what part of the comment don't you like? Opinions are rife on this site, my comments is just another. Like other's have said before, if you don't like what is said, don't read it.

17 Aug 2018

Just seen three woman in Dawlish (believed they just alighted a train) two wearing full length burka and one wearing just the top part. The slits were too narrow to post a letter though. I am saying woman, but I don't really know whether it was male or female underneath those black garments. One thing I can be certain of is, they won't be getting a suntan down here.

Down valuation
16 Aug 2018

House prices 'to fall 30%' by SEAN POULTER, Daily Mail House prices could fall by as much as 30 per cent over the next four years, it is predicted today. The fall out from that could be dire for a lot of people.

15 Aug 2018

@burnside. And that is just the NHS, there is the police, local authorities, Prison service and many more. The total cost is mind boggling.

I have just seen a big markee where the play park is destined to go or is it the reason why some think it should be where the garden is beside of the TI office, so in future years they can still erect the markee beside the bowling green.

12 Aug 2018

Cabinet ministers 'lash out at Tory top brass over cack-handed' Boris Johnson burqa probe A host of Cabinet ministers have weighed in behind Boris Johnson in the ongoing Tory war over his comments about the burqa, it has been reported.

Forget the play park on the lawn, why not get behind the carnival and make it something unique to Dawlish in stead of the half hearted attempt of a carnival witnessed over the years in Dawlish. I am not knocking those who partake now, make it a talking point that others will not want to miss in the future.

12 Aug 2018

This will wet the appetite of those that doubt the arguments of the burka. I was talking to a FRIEND of mine this morning when I went to Exeter. He is a Tory and agrees whole heartedly with what Boro said. He went on to tell me of the many friends that he has, that visit the Mosque in York Road, Exeter. They hate those that wear the burka and those that do wear one are discouraged not to visit ...

11 Aug 2018 Cut and paste.

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