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A UKIP supporter voting Tory isn't really tactical, it's more like a home-coming for the far-right.

French Election
2 weeks ago

So France rejected an old school fasicist and elected a new school neoliberal pseudo-fascist, it's hardly 'vive la France' stuff.

Gary Taylor
2 weeks ago

@Gary Taylor maybe you believe you can be on here as an individual and not a dawlish town councilllor. but in reality everything you write on here influences how you are perceived as a councillor by those who visit this website. it's naive to think otherwise until you cease to be a councillor. And you 'feel' Michael  Clayson may be watching and posting as his persona? Is that just a ...

@HuwMatthews2 Who have I personally thrown insults at on here? And yes, I know you think I'm a troll, you constantly tell me on various threads which is beginning to appear troll-like. You clearly dislike corbyn as much as @leatash and anyone who disagrees with your spurious views that he is a traitor seems to be fair game to you. That is where this all started isn't it? Your post ...

2 weeks ago

@vicks Most politicians are patronising. e.g. johnson, farage, rees-mogg, clegg, may...etc All the right-wing media spin just detracts from policies. It should not be about personality. We're not voting for our favourite actor. In any case Corbyn gives some very impressive public speeches, but they're just not broadcast on the biased BBC or Murdoch's Sky. I don't know how any rational ...

2 weeks ago

@leatash enjoy the highlands. you'll probably need to apply for a visa to get into scotland in a few years. by then it'll be 'foreign', so that might be off-putting to some voters. Do you really think Theresa May is a leader? She's just a puppet on a string for the powerful corporations, banking institutions and the elite in this country and their Trumpian allies. They'll shake this ...

former UKIP voters have Theresa May as their leader now.

So you want a Britain to continue to be governed from Whitehall by an increasingly far right-wing Tory government. I thought this Tory government only carried out the will of the very rich and powerful people in society.

3 weeks ago

Brexit will happen anyway, the only parties offering a second referendum are the Lib Dems and the Greens. Labour isn't opposing Brexit and Corbyn reintroduced the Red Flag after the Blair Brown years. Labour began selling out under Callaghan, years ago. I understand people's view of Corbyn and the right-wing press hasn't helped him, but why switch to the Tories? The election is about more ...

3 weeks ago

Forget the local part. It was about referring to women as 'girls' and how it can be patronising, sexist and demeaning. @Lindapetherick you're entitled to your opinion as a member of the public, but other sections of society disagree with the word 'girl' being used to refer to a woman as highlighted in the article referenced and they expect politicians at all levels of government, to ...

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