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@Lynne thanks for the links about wahabism, i'll have a look and the book by r, pantucci sounds good too. We have the knowledge and technology now to come off fossil fuels, vested interests prevent this and government cow-tows to them. Although people oppose wind power the UK is situated in the Gulf stream so we have an abundance of wind; a renewable energy that is not being ...

29 May 2017

@leatash they cause more than a 'real threat'. anyone can see that following manchester, bataclan, 7/7, 9/11, etc. Our way of life in the West is part of the problem in my opinion, you really don't read others' posts, do you? And please don't tell me how I 'see' the situation, especially  when you obviously can't be bothered to process what I've already written. I never mentioined we could ...

28 May 2017

Blair's take on Corbyn and foreign wars;

28 May 2017

@leatash maybe the jihadists also believe they have a 'rat problem' in relation to westerners, other Islamic sects, Christians, women, homosexuals, children enjoying a pop concert, etc. Maybe real the problem with extermist minorities in the Western and Islamic Worlds is that they consider other human beings to be like rats; essentially. vermin. Maybe viewing different global regions as ...

28 May 2017

Hardly, at least I'm not blinded in one eye when it comes to reality.

28 May 2017

you're so right @burneside architects of terror can move all over the globe completely unhindered. putin in syria, trump in saudi arabia. and we even let trump into the uk! What's Blair up to these days? Many jihadists were born in the UK - border controls will achieve very little. And seeing immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the same light as jihadists just tells me how effective ...

@burneside i'd happily engage in discussion with you if you didn't have to resort to insults.

28 May 2017

In retrospect I'm only referring to 'wannabe career politicians' which is who I referred to originally  in any case and not 'career politicians'. However some career politicians lack a moral compass too and I've written about them often as well, whearas not all aspirant politicians lack integrity. I could state we need new people in politics, but really we need a new political sytem, so ...

thanks at @Lynne this is an interesting thread. The merchandise and prepared speech for cities preparing for attacks is shocking, relating to the former - any chance to make money out of it and the latter shows terrorist attacks are becoming the accepted norm by the establisment, but I'm not completely surprised. And I agree with the 'damned if we do damned if we don't' as jihadist view 8 year ...

27 May 2017

@Lynne i completely agree with what you've written and i've definitely learnt more about wahhabism and how it links to the jihadist organizations. military intervention is but one factor and the main/only explanation, because our media, governments, religions, financial institutions, corporations, etc in the west don't want the public to question how the western world's higher standards of living ...

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