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Diana Mond

Interesting reading, even from the DM. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3822518/Cycle-lanes-lunacy-built-Britain-causing-gridlock-pollution-maddest-thing-empty.html

Hopefully the Brook exit to the sea will be cleared by then, still blocked 04th Oct 2016.

A few pics eggs and cygnet taken  03 Oct 2016.

Really, well I must live in a different Dawlish to the one they are talking about!

Taking a walk through The Lawn yesterday evening and the usual site of our infamous drinking club at the shelter by the tourist info centre partaking in their usual consumption alcohol. You can have as many signs/notices as you like, but those it is intended for will ignore them. As to enforcing the notices. Well you need the police for that and we know how thin on the ground they are. As I ...

All the best to James in Rio.

After reading the link it would seem the developers handed over nearly half a million pounds to Teignbridge council in 2015 to open up a green area as requested under the SANGS agreement. If this is the case why was there an issue with people moving in to the homes if it was the council who had not set aside the land? From what I have read Redrow had satisfied there side of the agreement. Where ...

Plenty of verbally abusive cyclists in the local area, overweight lycra clad one's on their super lightweight racing bikes seem the worst in my own experience. Lucky for the cyclist's in question that the motorist's do not act in the same way!

Appreciate the emergency work, but the turf that was laid after the last storm damage has now been covered in tons of earth.

Wonder what sewer's the suggested application for the development at Langdon Hospital grounds will share?

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