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Sophie Victoria88
Parking tickets
19 Sep 2017

Simple, money, money, money.

Poop pond still there as of last night and still impassable.

Parking tickets
19 Sep 2017

When you purchase the ticket you are entering into an agreement with the conditions laid out for the purchase of said ticket. This is a contract between you and those who have responsibility for the car park and who have decided on what is and is not acceptable in their car park. If you decide to break the agreement that you entered into when when purchasing the ticket, then it is within the ...

Just took a walk over the fields and saw the new build near completion, very nice if you can afford it. Certainly an improvement on what it replaced.

@Diana Mond , possibly.....sigh!

15 Sep 2017

@Diani Mond - other than to say the Last public questionaire on the subject of the play park on The Lawn was in actual fact Teignbridge wide and not just Dawlish. There was no breakdown of the results by location and if you take the popualation of Teignbridge, no just dawlish, the results are painted in a totally different light. As I have repeated so many times. You cannont have a questionaire ...

12 Sep 2017

@monty - and i have said in the thread below. what has been done to resolve the issue caused by patients, especially repeat offenders, not turning up for their appointments/cancelling them? All well and good using that as an excuse, but it is just poor management by the surgery not to rectify this issue, which is well in their power to resolve quickly. ...

Pics 09 Sept 2017
10 Sep 2017

10 Sep 2017

@monty - it's far from free and the management structure and policies are killing the service. Interesting reads:- ...

Parking tickets
9 Sep 2017

In my opinion the local councils use the pay and display machines on the basis that there is more chance of being able to make more money from people who overstay. More so in a location where people are enjoying themselves on holiday and getting back to the car on time is not their first priority. I would say that they were losing money because people who were leaving were offering their ...

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