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When I was living in west london during the mid 1980's we had fibre cable being installed then. I live within Dawlish and not that far from both West Cliff area and have a direct line of sight to the BT exchange building and have had fibre for a while, but the speed is still not that fast because there is still copper wire in the network. It just amazes me in this day and age that it can ...

Who ever is voted in will more than likely not make a dent against those already in charge. Who like to use Dawlish for their own wacky, expensive and irrelevant projects rather than assist Dawlish to evolve into a thriving sea side town and not a fun fair.

10 Feb 2018 11:16 post Letter from Dept of Transport... assert, warn and comply.. send in the storm troopers. Last paragraph 'accountable to their electorate' obviously the memo got lost in the post. Also, nice to see the same old felons stirring the proverbial pot here. ?


8 Feb 2018

When I read the tile of the post I thought 1) he had died and 2) he had been buried in an unmarked grave. Oh well soon I hope.

Indeed..leeeaaaavvvveeeee it alone.

7 Feb 2018

Leave The Lawn alone.

7 Feb 2018

Just leave it alone. It's fine as it is and without the need for the new micro playpark.

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4 Feb 2018

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