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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mond

Nice pics of the snowmen/women, uh...snow people.

Just a bit of info. If you have Homecare from British Gas with your boiler etc and you are not a 'at risk category', elderly, vulnerable, baby in the house. The soonest appointments currently are from Thursday onwards but without an a.m./p.m. advisement.

Barely make out the church in the middle of the pic.

Lycra, middle to old age from my experience of these white van driver's on their day off.

Based on the lack of activity by the councils in the last year we ought to be getting a reduction for this year and a rebate for last years pathetic efforts. Oh I forgot they need the extra to top up their salary increases and pensions....silly me. In a fair and just society run by councils and a democratically elected government in a far, far distant Galaxy you would see costs going down, ...

Pics taken around 17:00 to 18:00 hrs 03 03 2018...roughly an hour or so before high tide. Very calm with no wind to speak off. The site of the previous damage with its new high sea wall, below.

Coryton cove
1 Mar 2018

S~@T happens.

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