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Sophie Victoria88

@Diana Mond - usual taking out  of context to provoke !

@majorp - i beleive that the highways authorities define a footpath obstruction to be one that does not allow a pram/wheelchair through, not that they would most probably bother acting on a complaint anyway. The council's winge on about lack of revenue, but if they just enforced parking reg's around the area they would make a fortune.

The play park on The Lawn fiasco needs investigating by an independant body so that the ethics involved in this shambles can be made clear to the residents of Dawlish. It is not the first time a large amount of money has been spent before the Dawlish residents were informed what was actually being formulated i.e. The Manor House, The Termite - in my opinion. written without prejudice, ...

Black swan
4 Oct 2017

Cannot believe she is dead, r.i.p Took pic on 6 sept and all was well.

04th July to end of Sept and all that has been resolved is the responsibility for the reason for the puddle appearing, pathetic. Over the past few years my dealings with the Devon rights of way footpath warden merely bolsters my view of how inept the department/person is when dealing with issues relating to rights of way. The most I have ever witnessed is the odd site visit and not a lot ...

They have most probably already decided who will have the gravy train jobs, only my own opinion.

And it continues, no blue badge on display - not that, that should be an excuse to be so ignorant when parking. Parked on the pavement blocking anyone with a pram/wheelchair from proceeding and to top it off covering most of the tactile pavement that assists partially/blind people from knowing there is a junction ahead. Reported to Devon Highways....ref W171043583 ...

This type of parking makes for a dangerous situation when the car parking spaces opposite the buses have vehicles parked in them. Do the rules of parking within a space not apply to these buses? Th

Pics of the week
30 Sep 2017

Memorial Garden
30 Sep 2017

A town council not fit for purpose, in my opinion:- The termite The Manor House The playpark on The Lawn Now......The War Memorial Garden

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