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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88

I remember when the MP's agreed to a 4 year pay freeze and when the four years were up they gave themselves a 50℅ pay rise. When I was in my early 20's I earnt over £10 per hour, now in my late 50's I would be luck to earn £8 per hour. This country is governed and run by a dubious bunch of rejects that have only one thing on their minds and that is themselves.

TIme and time again it seems to me that the patients are in charge of the asylum, am I wrong! Individuals placed on dubious pedestals with no understanding of the real world and how it works. If these proposals are acted upon visitors and locals a like will go elsewhere, I believe.

The Police
23 Oct 2017

Why not put it on Youtube and shame the little darlings!

How on earth will building an overpriced 'micro' playpark on The Lawn possibly attain the results of increased revenue and footfall. It would be better to give the shop owner's in Dawlish a share of the £200K - £260K that is to be spent building this white elephant so that they then have their increased revenue and The Lawn is left alone, a win - win in my book and no money is then needed to ...

@Brooklyn Bridge - are u sure it wasn't a contribution by one of the d.d & d.c members?

@Diana Mond - it will be decided when the people of dawlish have a questionaire on the subject that is not totally loaded to having a play park on The Lawn, with no way ,other than in the comments section, of saying no to a play park on the lawn. This whole project has been railroaded past the Dawlish people. It seems when ever large sums of money are involved, those representing us, seem to ...

A leopard cannot change its spots!

@majorp - or is it 'the law does not apply to those that are applying it, but only to those it is being applied to' or am i being obtuse? @Diana Mond need not reply.

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