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κατά τη γνώμη μου, it would seem that because £20k is available for the building of the mini under 8's play park on The Lawn. A further large amount of money maybe wasted building yet another white elephant in Dawlish. It's no wonder Dawlish's appeal to visitors is indecline even though large sums of money have been spent over the last few years. As long as funds to develop Dawlish ...

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16 Apr 2018

Public consultation, well that fills me full of confidence based on the actions taken by the council on previous ones. Just leave The Lawn alone. From what has been done to The Lawn over the last few years has not exactly improved the experience, but rather reduced the level of maintenance that has to be done for its upkeep. Taking the wall down that ran parallel to the high street, IN MY ...

15 Apr 2018

The sooner the Dawlish council can get over going into fever mode everytime some money pops up on the horizon to spend on a specific project. Which then ends up with a blinkered, fevered attitude to spend the money rather than let it go at the expense of anything and everything that then gets trampled on by the spend. IN MY OPINION.

I have a few suggestions:- 1) Daily pickup of litter and dog poop around 7 a.m. 2)  An actual enforcement of The Lawn rules of use i.e. prohibition notices. 3) A new bandstand in keeping with Dawlish's Victorian heritage. 4) NO further development of The Lawn. 5) Disband The Lawn working party.

What a lovely Sunday afternoon in Dawlish.


1 Apr 2018

It's a shame that some of the companies tasked to enforce the anti littering do not abide with the letter of the law themselves. I have read articles where they try and charge people who just accidental drop things from their pockets, bread for the ducks or even breathing into the atmosphere and then try and stop them from picking the said item back up. If you ever get into that situation get your ...

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