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Sophie Victoria88

Typical infantile remoaner gesture. It seems deomcracy is only effective when it goes the way of those in power want it. A vote took place and the majority said OUT, that is democracy. I appreciate there is a need for a deal on how we trade with the tin pot dictator's who control the member states after we leave the eu.  Although it doesn't help having a government that does not want to ...

@Diana Mond - genuine and diana mond don't make me laugh. Why should there be restrictions on where and when this money should be spent other than councillors itchy fingers?

4 Dec 2017

There is nothing wrong with The Lawn as it is, so leave it alone. What is this fixation on building a ridiculously small playpark on The Lawn wasting over £100K when 1) we already have a better and bigger playpark at the Manor 2) there are more essential things the money needs to be spent on.

@Diana Mond - Some dog owners do allow there dog's to poop on the beach, so what, it gets cleaned twice a day. Idiots still feed chips to the seagulls. People still feed white bread to ducks, be it near nesting swans or not. People do park on double yellow lines and/or claim they didn't know they had to pay. People, in general, don't use the 'mini' playpark at the Manor, although ...

How on God's green earth does the council justify using funds form 106/cil to construct an ineffectual playpark on The Lawn for under 8's? This money is supposed to be used for providing infrastructure to support the development of Dawlish. As I have said several times, there is a perfectly good and safe play park near the Manor House. The original proposal was to have a play park several ...

@Lynne - uhm!

What's the bad smell that floats over that causes so many people to stop engaging with others on this site? Oh I know, does anyone else! Can't their  I.P.  address(s) be blocked from the site?

@Lynne - lack of police resources - city of london! Premier league football matches. The only lack of police resources is feet on the street, go to any area of the country and see inspectors and above ranks lording it up in herds.

Needs an independant investigation as to how it was run! This is ratepayer's money being squandered at a time when essential services being cut to the bone and don't get me started about expenses!

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