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@TheObserver - i belive this document explains it.

@Lynne - similar, but not, shows you're thinking though!

When have the town council ever listened and acted on what the residents of Dawlish want or need? How many times have they just done what they wanted and kept it quiet until the shtf when it's reported in the paper's or some one grasses them up! obviously this is only my own opinion and may not be factual...e & e.o. etc, etc...written without prejudice..........

Nice strong base for the scaffolding, wood planks on sand uhm!. Wonder if they can be used to support scaffolding on water as well. Not a lot of beaches in Swindon I suppose.

@Lynne - would you expect any less from them. they seem to mis the point that they were elected by the people to serve the people not serve themselves.

I love the double standards.

What a joy the D.D&D.C where in their little reserved shelter on The Lawn this afternoon with their 2/3 litre bottles of cider on display, that is 2 to 3 litre not two thirds of a litre. What a lovely picture that paints of Dawlish as the visitor's were walking passed to the beach, sigh! Prohibition notices, as effective as a chocolate tea cup, but not as tasty.

Pics taken 40 minutes ago.

@Diana Mond - you wish.