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2 Mar 2014

leatash, Reasearch is my middle name! I have been out there talking to cafe owners so know what is going on and how badly they are being affected.

1 Mar 2014

Fred has made some very valid points. The 'Orange Army' has been heralded by some as something close to God and yes they are doing a very tough and hazardous job but that is what they are being paid to do. What is really disappointing is that they have brought their own catering vans with them and enjoy 'free food' (for 'free food' read food paid for by the tax payer) when some local cafés could ...

Just had the latest from FGW and the work on the tunnel continues tomorrow so trains still going on the SW route.

9 Feb 2014

To be fair to FGW the delays between Exeter and London up to this weekend have been solely due to the much needed work on the Whiteball tunnel. I travel to London every week and sometimes twice a week and have not had any significant delays up until this engineering work. People who use the longer SW trains route do so because they choose to go into London Waterloo. Whether the trains run as they ...

9 Feb 2014

Do you know if the work on the Whiteball tunnel has been completed? It was due to be finished today. If it hasn't then FGW trains will still have to use the SW line, which adds at least an hour onto the journey. Add another hour on because of using the coach link between Dawlish and Exeter.

9 Feb 2014

Anyone needing to travel by train to London this week from our end of Devon is going to find it an arduous and very long journey. We have a lot of people living down here who need to get to London for business purposes. FGW really are going to have to pull out all the stops to get people to work. The same applies for anyone travelling to the midlands and north of England and for all our local ...

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