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Sophie Victoria88

That you really are a weirdo! I'd be very interested to see what you can pull up to substantiate your accsation of MY bullying. Only weak people bully others, as you well know.

18 Nov 2014

I rest my case.

18 Nov 2014

I still find it weird Mrs C. Get a life, I have!

18 Nov 2014

OMG I have never had a stalker before! Why would Mrs C keep all this information on me. I find this truly weird!

18 Nov 2014

Not at all Dorian. But I can see that some of your comments above leave a lot to be desired. No doubt you and Mrs C are very good friends.

18 Nov 2014

Mrs C you really do talk the biggest load of rubbish and what a hugely inflated ego you have! I respond to posts if I think I have anything to add. By and large I do my best to ignore yours.

17 Nov 2014

Actually, our line has been operating for donkeys years, including times when numerous branch lines were in existence in Devon. The big mistake by Dr Beeching was closing so many of those branch lines, but evidence has shown that this was all politically motivated by greed. To have a DAL as a back up in times of emergency is an intelligent solution and those who are scaremongoring need to do a bit ...

16 Nov 2014

I don't own any CrossCountry trains.

15 Nov 2014

Mrs C, you would only have been affected by signalling problems at Frome if you had been on the off-shoot line which goes through Frome. Some FGW services do go by that route but most don't. I know, because I have travelled both routes.

15 Nov 2014

Ahhhh! This is painful!

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