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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88

So what is actually happening with the Lawn right now? Is there going to be a playpark or not?

@majorp you may have friends on bigger councils than a small town council, if we didn't have small town councils they bigger councils wouldnt have much to do. they all twiddle thumbs where needed and deal with things that don't need attention like a new playpark or a resturant on tucks plot.

Planning application
24 Nov 2017

Seriously, a site inspection, to none of the Planning Committee know the area at all?

Good bye Dawlish Lawn!

Oh what has happened here then, let's await until we get proper confirmation.

Planning application
13 Nov 2017

Well lets see what happens, It will go ahead, because anthing that shouldnt does.

And we have gone of topic again, can no one read the signs?

Lloyds Chemists.
13 Nov 2017

Yes was closed due to overuse of rude behaviour and unfreindless, they have to re-charge once in a while.

New Benches
9 Nov 2017

Many were from beyond repair, so for the safety I guess they were removed, don't see why items like this shouldn't reach the top of the to do list.

9 Nov 2017

They do own the Sea Wall yes, but I don't see them not going for it, if they don't have to have the responsibility of maintaining it.

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