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Excellent, everyone can swim in the sea this Winter....It's probably because they tested the water out of seasons so holiday makers wee was not ditected.

We are gone stupid in this world, and Dawlish is getting no better. Roads are for vehicles, by that I mean motrised ones. Paths are for pedestrians. Cycle paths are for byicles. Parking spaces are to park your cars in Corners are for driving around into a road Pavements are barriers between roads and pedistrians I'm sure some clever person can expland this list, but is ...

Do we have any CCTV, someone must know something about this, idiots.

Well lets see what happens, It will go ahead, because anthing that shouldnt does.

And we have gone of topic again, can no one read the signs?

Lloyds Chemists.
4 days ago

Yes was closed due to overuse of rude behaviour and unfreindless, they have to re-charge once in a while.

New Benches
1½ weeks ago

Many were from beyond repair, so for the safety I guess they were removed, don't see why items like this shouldn't reach the top of the to do list.

1½ weeks ago

They do own the Sea Wall yes, but I don't see them not going for it, if they don't have to have the responsibility of maintaining it.

@Margaret Swift - i'm not an oap, not even near. yes i think people are more hooked on the fact that dawlish has been down graded by someone who things brixhams the best place in the world.

New Benches
1½ weeks ago

Green is great, nothing wrong with that, but a green and gold branding, or something that we can transform throughout, lampost, lightening etc.