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I remember a few years ago the Police issuing every car parked on the footpath in Longlands and Upper Longlands with FPN'S for obstruction it then came to light that the roads were unadopted so the FPN'S were not valid.

You are correct Lynne but as we all know the banks here in the uk fell foul and as a result cost us the tax payer billions and to pay back all that borrowed money services had to be cut resulting in what we have today.

2 weeks ago

Calamari was it not the bankers who put us in this mess.

2 weeks ago

A picture paints a thousand words.

Margaret dont take life so seriously it was a bit of fun and in the past i have taken my fair share of nasty comments but hey it would take more than anything that happens on here to upset me its only banter at its worse

7 Sep 2017

A little fun come on Margaret its not exactly caustic is it, any way i will be of walking the northern hills and mountains in a few days but will be back for Christmas.

6 Sep 2017

Please dont mention mud on footpaths its not allowed.

They are still there although muddy and wet.

Lets hope you are right and they use it for Social Housing.

Lynne it made me smile when i saw that.

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