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Julias Sachin

Perhaps there would not be so much fly-tipping if the council made the local tip at Forde Road more user-friendly. Waited ages the other day to dispose of an old lawn mower until the queue was out on to the road while they were loading and unloading skips.

Would have thought that if something against the law happens on the Lawn the police would have to be involved, depends on what is classed as criminal activity these days.

I don't see how the council can claim the credit for it being a haven for wildlife - this swathe of countryside always has been!

Just out of interest, is there a limit to the number of people who will be able to attend. The reason I ask is because I have been to a number of events at Powderham & obviously there is a limit to the amount of parking it can take & also when it comes to finishing, there is a mad scramble to get out of the exits (usually 2). So therefore the "free" entrance will presumably be only for a certain ...

Well done team.

We are paying twice over as the BBC already receives our money through payment of the licence fee. Why was there so much secrecy over the information being made public anyway? Don't the public have a right to know how their money is spent? Like others on this forum, I don't see how Dawlish (or Teignmouth, come to that) will benefit in any way; visitors are more likely to spend their money in ...

@leatash One of those cyclists might be the one we met riding the wrong way down High Street about 9.30 p.m. a few weeks ago. When we remonstrated with him he got quite belligerent & indicated that he wanted us to wind down the window. As we were not quite sure what his intentions were, we drove off, a bit shaken but if we'd run into him, he would probably have said that the car driver was at ...

Didn't the Clerk lose his head about 8 years ago during a big storm?

Hope whoever is responsible is caught and receives appropriate punishment. I notice a few people on EOD have put up a reward for information leading to a prosecution.

2014 Visitor Season
3 Mar 2014

People are being stopped from going down there for their own safety but also because there are properties which are empty and vulnerable. Unfortunately, there are some scum around who take advantage of peoples' misfortune for their own gain, as witness events in Somerset and Surrey. Also there has been the business of diesel being pilfered from the car park at Dawlish Warren. I for one would ...

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