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Mobeen Dabigman

Rail line had to be closed ..one day someone will dream up an idea of running a line from Plymouth - Okehampton- Exeter.

It has to avoid Dawlish you cant keep chucking money at it ...needs to be a reliable line at the moment it is not..  this weekend is the last straw for many..

Build a wall call Trump!

2 Mar 2018

Line needs to be kept away from the sea..becoming impossible, sea always wins. line needs to end at Dawlish Warren for Dawlish just local trains, .divert the mainline inland from Exminster-Newton.  Jusr run a branch from Newton to serve Teignmouth.. offer line to someone wants to take it on as a tourist attracrtion to Dawlish. but it cant be reliable all year round service as today proves.

Well she has given Labour a chance to drum up a few votes by being away...she's not seen as being desperate.

I'm always in Dawlish and know how many people use the buses.

21 Feb 2015

Either they are 'full' or 'empty' lol.. Clearly Dawlish does not want buses in the evening,..point taken.

21 Feb 2015

Service 2 Exeter - Dawlish - Newton is a 'commercial' service and not supported by DCC (taxes). Stagecoach choose to run an hourly service in the evening into Dawlish until Midnight. last arrives at 0021. In the days of Nationalised NBC in the 70s the services would certainly be discontinued. As the lack of passenger use/need has been highlighted, maybe Stagecoach will consider withdrawal of ...

21 Feb 2015

£2.70 return to Exeter with a rail card. After 7pm you can get a £2.80 ticket on the bus unlimited travel anywhere on Stagecoach.

Even with the most modern up to date trains you will never zap through Dawlish with sharp bends at speeds of 125mph!!!!! ....If they could, I wouldnt fancy it with waves crashing on the trains! So you cant compare with other parts of the country.. First Great Western need to get the trains like Southern have ..they quietly slide out the stations..

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