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So take your dogs out on Sat and Sun!!!!!!!!!!

1½ weeks ago

They will only earn money if they catch the perpetators, and that to my mind will be difficult as most of it is done under the cover of darkness.

1/. I agree with charging to park for the upkeep of the park and running costs, but I do not agree the charges should be set to cover other costs. 2/. The councillors on instructions from their masters (the unelected officers). 3/. Most people 4/. Agreed

3 weeks ago

Shows that Teignbridge are raising revenue when the RTRA 1984 tells them the the act is not a fiscal measure. In the context of the 1984 Act, the High Court has stated that the purpose of the Act is: “the expeditious, convenient and safe movement of traffic and the provision of suitable and adequate parking facilities on and off the highway”

Neer seen a cat drop their load on the road or pavement.

3 weeks ago

And so they should. Beach Street at times is dreadful, and you know what? People are walking in it. When you speak to those in charge of the dog, some will just tell you to Feck off. Not only do they not pick it up, some will pick it up and leave the black bag they have picked it up in, on the road. I have seen as many as five of these bags just left there for someone else to take care of. ...

Good init. Don't use face book so that link won't work for me and I suspect others as well.

I saw them closer to Dawlish than that. Swimming close by the viaduct jetty one morning last week, but there were only three.

@Laurahollycasey , this town like many others are full of people who do not get the facts right. if they don't know something, they will make it up. The body they found in the toilets is rife with who it is. I have heard at least half a dozen different descriptions. So don't worry too much about what other people are saying about you. Just let them believe what they want to believe.

Who would be interested in a bus service for those that can afford these luxury dream homes?

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