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Sophie Victoria88

Just what the town needs to hear, with TDC pushing to build the housing as quick as possible.

2 weeks ago

Thank you Lynne, however, I see that the 10 at Secmaton Farm and the 3 next door have been included to bump the numbers up regarding the Link Road.  This is blatent misleading since I have checked their planning applications and neither have or will have access to the link road, but will be accessing onto Secmaton Lane.  If they have been included by mistake this is incompetence or if deliberately ...

2 weeks ago

Yes I remember there was a large bridge that connects area 4 Langdon with Area 3 Secmaton Farm.  I also remember that there were 3 options of where the bridge could be put, and that at that point the cost was thought to be around £1million.  When that information was published there had been no investigation into the ground which is to be below the bridge and therefore the price was a calculated ...

It baffles me why DCC couldn't have started lowering the ground further back into the site, therefore removing the need for any steps at all!  It is not like they are strapped for room!  It would have just meant the other path would have merged nearer the mid point of the current path and not closer to the exit.  Bikes are catered for, but wheelchairs and buggies the most likely users appear to be ...

All SANGS documents available on TDC website http://gis.teignbridge.gov.uk/TeignbridgePlanningOnline/Results.aspx?Type=Application&Refval=16/02485/MAJ

Here are the detailed documents in relation to the new SANGS. It will take some reading.  Here is the link. http://gis.teignbridge.gov.uk/TeignbridgePlanningOnline/Results.aspx?Type=Application&Refval=16/02485/MAJ

From the Teignbridge website Cllr Humphrey Clemens, Teignbridge's Executive Member for Housing and Planning , said: "I'm delighted that this site has been secured for the enjoyment of local people and visitors as a countryside park. "The new countryside park will be public open space with wild countryside and walks, available to all.  It will be home to native species including ...

15 Sep 2016

So the glorified dog walking area has had the go ahead.  Not convenient for the residents of DA2 or those that could have walked from Dawlish! With the field closest to the new development for over 1000 + houses not included, this makes it difficult for access, since walking along Shutterton Lane is frankly dangerous from either end and there is no path to St Mary's Cottages, even if one intended ...

Sorry been working away. The document in relation to Hill Drive contains information sent to the Inspector in relation to the Hill Drive case, it covers the DA2 Framework Document.  The Planning Officer states this: 'Our Executive has now resolved to Adopt the SPD. This decision is subject to a 7 day call in period by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee after which time the Framework will ...

3 Jun 2016

The Consultation did not contain the road changes as these were added after.  If I read the below correctly, the public could challenge the document and force a second public consultation that includes the road changes. Sorry it is so long, but it contains points that need to considered. CONSULTATION AND LEGITIMATE EXPECTATIONS Clive Sheldon QC 19. Although in general there is no ...

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