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Sophie Victoria88

No, to wasn't fun and you know it! It was reminiscent of past times when a particularly nasty poster used to make similar comments. They are not needed and not wanted.

7 Sep 2017

This forum is descending into what it was before a certain person was banned! You know, none of us could voice our own opinions without caustic comments like the one above  from Leatash. I can guess who agreed with them - the banned person using yet another name!


This is a sad time, the end of HSTs and the introduction of more uncomfortable, overcrowded inferior trains similar to the Crosscountry trains.

I hope she or he would not lose their job but some train drivers are so badly affected that they are never able to drive again.

I was told last week by GWR that the first wave was built in Japan and the second wave is being built in Italy. As long as they are not of the same design as the original Virgin Voyager trains then the waves crashing over them should not be a problem. Time will tell...........

Well we haven't been cut off for the last 100 years, well, except for four months in 2014, but the way things are going with the buses and trains we WILL be cut off! What are the district councillors doing about all of this...........not a lot from the deafening silence from them!

I know! But whatever they spend on the line is useless while ever we have Voyagers travelling along the line! But..........CC are about to solve this problem by stopping all of their services at Exeter! So, we won't have that problem after December 2017 but we also won't have much of a service!

17 Nov 2016

All well and good but they also need to build trains that don't break down when they get hit by waves!

And the concert at Powderham!!!

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