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Who put the charges on the car parks in the first place? Who has continued to extend and increase the charges again and again? Who cannot see further than the end of their noses? The well being of this area seems of little concern to those elected as long as THEIR pay and pensions increase year on year, in my opinion

2 weeks ago

Shows that Teignbridge are raising revenue when the RTRA 1984 tells them the the act is not a fiscal measure. In the context of the 1984 Act, the High Court has stated that the purpose of the Act is: “the expeditious, convenient and safe movement of traffic and the provision of suitable and adequate parking facilities on and off the highway”

Neer seen a cat drop their load on the road or pavement.

2 weeks ago

GOOD Now for the Cats

At a recent full council meeting, Cllr Gordon Hook, leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, called for the free parking to be extended to Saturday’s afternoons to help boost trade in the town, saying that the town is ‘currently deserted on a Saturday afternoon’. Cllr Christophers said: “Car parking revenue has enjoyed a bumper year because the sun was shining, showing a surplus of £70,000, with ...

Some 1.2 million homes will be among the buildings at risk of coastal flooding, while 100,000 properties will be threatened by eroding coastlines, a report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) said. And places such as Dawlish in Devon, and Hemsby and Happisburgh in Norfolk are already being hit by floods, coastal storms and erosion. Read more... ...

He has been found, is safe and well, and likely not to be around Dawlish anytime soon.

And so they should. Beach Street at times is dreadful, and you know what? People are walking in it. When you speak to those in charge of the dog, some will just tell you to Feck off. Not only do they not pick it up, some will pick it up and leave the black bag they have picked it up in, on the road. I have seen as many as five of these bags just left there for someone else to take care of. ...

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
3 weeks ago

Inconsiderate and irresponsible dog owners in Teignbridge will face £100 fines if they do not pick up after their pooch – and even if they do not have a doggy bag with them. SEASONAL DOG EXCLUSION AREAS (BEACHES) - an offence for a person in charge of a dog, between May 1 and September 30, or April 1 and September 30, in Dawlish Warren, to take the dog onto, or permit the dog to enter or to ...

@DEEDOODLE they said that maybe the case on the local news this morning :-(

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