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How many swans and other wildfowl have been injured / killed by dogs over the last 20 years on The Lawn/Brook? It seems every few years the black swan population gets destroyed by dogs, foxes and dare I say it - possibly the odd retarded human. IN MY OPINION, it seems that the dog's on leads signs are not working any better than the other 'DO NOT' signs spread all over Dawlish. ...

I had called the council about lunch time today spoke to a lady and I was told they until 4PM to pick up, ok I said that's fine. As I arrived home at 4:20 they had not been emptied. Called again this time I was told there could be many reasons one of which that they may have ran out of time. Ran out of time what an excuse. The lady gave me another number for the refuse dept. The line was busy at ...

The future of Britain’s most famous black swans is under threat after a string of dog attacks left just one breeding pair. There are now only four remaining adult swans but because they mate for life it is difficult to pair the two males whose female partners have been killed by dogs. Eggs have been saved and are being hand-reared in an attempt to save the group. One of the surviving males ...

Not everyone is going to agree, that's fine.  If you're going to post you have to accept differing views.  As soon as you swear at someone you've lost the argument on a discussion board.  I don't like the views of some people on here and probably not the ones you're thinking of.  Take a break from the site and appreciate that not everyone is a royalist and just because you aren't doesn't make you ...

21 May 2018

Sigh! A web site that could be of great assistance to many, spoiled by a few...shame.

Diana Mond
Diana Mond
20 May 2018

If only you had an off button...

20 May 2018

The Beeb are doing what they do to these events - milk it. For those interested it is on BBC now. But I pressed the off button.

Cool make it a glass tunnel so we can see all the fishes like at the sealife centres! Glass tunnel, glass roof on trains.......let's start the campaign here!

I was being a bit dry, I have been trying to avoid the wedding stuff as it's not for me, not sure where hell comes into it, I am not a religious person, but majorly was pointing out what seems to me to be obvious.......fuck I am boring myself here, someone get me a knife so i can top myself lol

19 May 2018

@ DC 24601 Have I missed something? What the hell are you on about?

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