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Quite. Except that perhaps it should have been the very first question to be asked. I can only imagine that this 77% figure has been reached by adding the 'Yes' % from question 1 (60%) with the 'Yes' % from question 3 (17%). " Lies, damned lies, and statistics " is a phrase describing the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments . ...

yesterday at 15:55

And the very important fourth question was not asked at all.

yesterday at 15:44

These are the questions that were asked. DAWLISH RESIDENTS 1. Do you want a Play Park on the Top Lawn between the bandstand and the bowling green in Dawlish Town Centre? YES 345 60% NO 226 40% 2. Do you want a Play Park on the Top Lawn between the bandstand and the bowling green of a different size? YES 66 12% NO 485 88% 3. Do you want a Play Park on the Lawn in another ...

yesterday at 15:39

Are we going around in circles here? How can 77% of  of residents vote in favour of a playpark on the lawn when the question was not even asked of the residents? Please can someone show where and when it was that residents were asked "Do you want a playpark anywhere on the lawn?"

yesterday at 14:46

Well whats to say it is not nonsense? Whats to say she's not right?

What is with the scaffolding? Makes no sense at all.

yesterday at 12:33

Nice strong base for the scaffolding, wood planks on sand uhm!. Wonder if they can be used to support scaffolding on water as well. Not a lot of beaches in Swindon I suppose.

The town clerk is an employee of the council. She was not elected into post she was appointed. That the town clerk is commenting on all of this is not of concern to me, indeed it could well be argued that it is part of her job. However , it is what she is reported to have said that is infuriating me (the 77% nonsense).

yesterday at 09:51

@Lynne - would you expect any less from them. they seem to mis the point that they were elected by the people to serve the people not serve themselves.

@"Diana Mond" - Why the totally unnecessary technology jibe?  You can change your alias as often as you like, but we all know who you are.

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