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A questionable butterfly


Julie May
Cheryl Barthorpe
Angie W
Anne Marie Morris
1½ weeks ago

Well said 1263 , just let her get on with the work she good at.

2 weeks ago

Anne-Marie Marris is  a good MP and has put a lot of time in to helping Dawlish.

The next town council meeting is in September, but you can phone and email anytime.

Illegal Parking
1 Jun 2017

@ Tom Cyclists use the road, as the path is now used as a car park.

31 May 2017

I see the Royal Mail van, parked on the Pavement about 10am each day, as in the Photo.

16 May 2017

I see a lot of Blue Badge on display that are folded in half and not showing any time, is this llegal . I have cars/vans parked for days.

12 May 2017

Yesterday I see five vans parked on Cycle Path/Pavement  near Lanherne.

Dog poop
11 May 2017

Do we still have a Dog Warden ????????????????

Illegal Parking
11 May 2017

Parking in Dawlish is a Joke, I have reported a van parked on the Pavement, and  Bus Stop near Lanherne since last October 2016 and it still parks every day.

Clatworthy wins it
5 May 2017

Congratulation John I know you put in alot of work to win.

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