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Berniece Wallace86

You're having a laugh.  It is the EU that has not negotiated, Brussels considers the EU project to be sacrosanct will not allow anything to undermine that idealogy.  It's why after two years we are barely any further forward.  The only option is for a no-deal exit, a negotiated withdrawal is impossible.  It would help if we had a PM who believes in Brexit.

What do you consider to be legit news sources, The Guardian, the BBC?  The link I quoted came from a respected blogger who has as large online following.  There was a widespread and sustained campaign across Europe and the wider world against the EU directive, that must tell you something about the concerns of this meddling.

If the decision made by the electorate in 2016 to leave the EU is overturned before it is put into effect then we might as well give up on democracy in this country.  Using the Remoaners logic we should have a general election every year, just to be sure we haven't changed our mind since the last one.

You're a bit late to this party.  At the time I wrote the original post it was far from clear just exactly what would be covered by this directive, and there was a very real threat that even links to news websites would be affected.

When all else fails the remainers resort to racist abuse.

20 Sep 2018

It's the usual EU trick; make them vote again.  They've done it countless times with other countries, but this time it's not going to work.

Well as you lot won't be getting your second referendum then Brexit in some form is going happen.  Just saying it isn't going to happen doesn't make it so. It's about time you faced reality, it's been two years since you lost.

19 Sep 2018

These people are still needed while May is doing her best to undermine Brexit, her Chequers deal is a sham, this is what happens when you put a Remainer in charge of pretending to leave the EU.

Articles 11 and 13 were today passed by the EU parliament, be prepared for big changes in the way the internet operates.  The inventor of the internet, Britain's Tim Berners-Lee, has campaigned against these changes, so I would hardly describe it as "desperate".

11 Sep 2018

The European Parliament is tomorrow voting on a proposal that would affect virtually every website, including this one .  If the proposal passes it will be illegal to link to other websites without first obtaining permission, and possibly having to pay for the privilege of linking to the site. This transport blogger explains the situation: ...

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