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Julie May

So change happens all the time, get used to it.

over 1½ hours ago

So this proposal, if enacted , will require travellers visiting a Schengen-area country to answer a few question and obtain a permit costing €5 which will be valid for three years.  That doesn't sound too onerous, and as long as it is a two-way process it will help to prevent undesirables entering the UK.  The US has long taken a stringent approach in allowing people to enter the country, nobody ...

I didn't realise the EU controlled our Traffic Regulation Orders too, fancy that.

You " understand " they voted Leave, and are " thinking " of relocating to Spain.,  It all sounds rather vague, doesn't it?

2 days ago


Angela Merkel - the voice of reason?  Now that's very funny.

These would be the new cycle paths that were once pavements.  I hope the Council has got good insurance for when somebody is injured.

Illegal Parking
1½ weeks ago

From today's Gazette: Dawlish Warren Cycle Lane concerns voiced CYCLISTS are complaining that the cycle lanes on either side of the main road through Dawlish Warren are regularly obstructed by vehicles. Dave Rice from Teignmouth, who regularly uses the route, said it was becoming dangerous. ‘The road is quite narrow, and cars, vans and lorries park across the lanes on a regular ...

If it's any business of yours, I do have a job, Lynne.  I'm not monitoring this site 24/7.

2 weeks ago

The words stable door/horse/bolted spring to mind.  It's a bit late in the day to be tightening up security when the borders have been leaking like a sieve for years.  And, of course, once somebody has gained entry to a Schengen country they can travel unhindered right across Europe, and end up in Calais to try to gain entry to the UK illegally.

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