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And of course under Labour everything was just perfect...

yesterday at 12:34

I remember Dom Joly visiting Dawlish to poke fun at the CCTV on a televison programme.  This thread from that time shows people thought it was a complete joke even then.  And the esteemed Mayor of the day with her silly hats is still a force in the town, what a scary thought.

yesterday at 10:12

Has it ever been instrumental in securing a conviction for a crime in the town?

Out at sea
1 week ago

So wind farms are just expensive pieces of junk that litter the countryside and seas.  Well done the Green lobby.

Illegal Parking
1½ weeks ago

The Council paint an image of a cycle onto a pathway that was previously pedestrian use only, and bingo they've created a "new" cycle path, and a whole lot of conflict.

Biggest load of drivel I have read in a long time.  Seriously, the Tories have databases so sophisticated that they know what our grandads are thinking? Will you be doing a similar piece about unions funding the Labour Party?  That amounted to £11 milliion in 2014, which equalled almost 60% of donations to Labour that year.

Labour's Draft Manifesto
1½ weeks ago

I think you are going to be very disappointed on June 9th.

1½ weeks ago

Who will pay for all this?  Even the Labour spokesman on R4 this morning wouldn't say, just that the costings are TBA.

Is this the tactical voting we keep hearing so much about?

2 weeks ago

Farage isn't even standing on June 8th , and after the successful Brexit vote UKIP is now a busted flush

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