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The point is if you dont attend a appointment you deprive someone who could be desperate of that oppointment who then goes to AE and clogs up the system. When goverment propose a charge for seing a GP folk are up in arms and yet dont seem to care about not attending  appointments maybe a deposit scheme would work say £20 you dont attend or cancell you lose your deposit.

2 days ago

Put it in your phone  01626 888877 in this day and age is it not one of the numbers folk would automaticaly store in there mobile.

3 days ago

250 people failing to turn up for appointments is 41.66 hours of appointments taking appointments are 10 mins each thats one days worth of appointments wasted each week, if that is the case only 80% of appointments are being used maybe a fine should be levied.

5 days ago

Well people i have never had a problem always get a appointment the day i phone never had to wait more than a few hours to see the Doctor of my choice.

I looked at the new houses at the Sainsburys site a while ago for a friend they are like cardboard boxes you can put a little pressure on the internal walls and they move i wouldn't buy one if they were half the price.

Mini Golf Mystery
3 weeks ago

If my memory serves me right it was upgraded about 12 years ago.  Originally it was a permanent course it was then changed so the component parts could be removed and stored in the Winter and that is how it is at present.

They haven't been there since way before Christmas Sandy Lane has one.

Mini Golf Mystery
3 weeks ago

You are correct Fred but something will have to give i was stuck behind cyclists three times today on my way back from Exeter when there is a perfectly good cycle path we need legislation as they have in Holland where cylists have to use cycle paths when available.

3 weeks ago

Not verified, but the workmen have told me it is continuing up Brunswick Place, footpath to be widened The Brook side then through barton car park along The Brook up Oak Hill along John Nash Drive rejoining the A379.  Now if this is correct no cyclist in there right mind will do that, they will just cycle up the hill again if this is correct it just shows how deluded those making these plans are.

Well said Carer.

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