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A questionable butterfly


Pete B
The Stars & Stripes
1½ weeks ago

At the last count it was 52

It is a legal requirment to have a bell on a bike but very new cyclist's do and no one enforces it, but a a motorist has to have a horn and it has to be working to obtain a MOT. I notice that yet again the article promises economic revival and why is there not a form for those who want to object and are not in favour of the cycle path.

A uniform with no powers folk will just laugh and tell them to do one i know i would.

The Stars & Stripes
2 weeks ago

The man has serious problems probably some mental instability he is up and down like a yoyo sad really.

Lycra louts about.
2 weeks ago

Diana Mond  why would anyone use that route on Bank Holliday Monday the A379 was a grind with folk trying to get to Dawlish and caravaners and motorhome users trying to get out the traffic was queued back to Kenton west bound and back to Cockwood east bound and google didnt tell me that. And i dont understand your obsession with the High Street the future is shopping online, a example my treat ...

2 weeks ago

20% of drivers run red lights 25% of cyclists run red lights 50% of cyclists ride on footpaths 50% ride without lights at night a legal requirment 85% dont have a warning device bell horn it is a legal requirment to have one on.

2 weeks ago

Diana Mond, It always makes me smile at the figures you produce just to verify for those who are interested. 46% exceed the speed limit on motorways. 8% on single carriageways. 53% in 30mph zones. to put these figures in perspective the proportion of drivers exceeding the above by more than 10 mph is, motorways 10% single carriageways 1% 30mph zones 6%. So the higher ...

Exeter elections
2 weeks ago

burnside you are spot on Farage should be given a medal it was his doggedness that forced a referendum on our membership of the EU and for that we owe him a debt of gratitude.

Just because a dog chases and atacks a swan doesnt mean it will do the same to a child most dogs under the right conditions will chase and kill wildlife it's in there DNA.  I have just watched the owner of a Lab that was on a lead fighting with the dog who was intent on getting to ducks in the Brook, the same dog a few moments later on the sea wall was a placid doing as it was told dog.  Now if ...

The Stars & Stripes
3 weeks ago

Trump hints at repercussions for any country opposing US world cup bid, this man has serious problems.

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