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Diana Mond

They are it will be in safe hands with John Gay. He has been using it for years as seating for his customers i presume he will now be paying a rent.

2 weeks ago

100% My Doctor is amazing and has been for many many years i have recently thought of moving back north and the only thing that stops me is having to change Doctors. I think we are very lucky in Dawlish to have the Barton Surgery.

Parking tickets
2 weeks ago

(7) Any Parking Device or Permit issued in accordance with the foregoing provisions of this Article shall remain the property of the Council and Parking Devices or Permit shall not be transferable between vehicles and shall be valid only at the Parking Place in respect of which the Parking Device or Permits was issued unless the Parking Device or Permits expressly provides that it may be ...

There was no airshow last year and i am told takings are down on last year by 20% + and i live in the town centre and have noticed a reduction in visitors the campsites have not been full and some of the camps have been slashing prices trying to attract folk. Now visitors are like marmite you either hate them or love them but without them this town is finished.

2 weeks ago

This town runs on visitors and less folk are visiting for lots of reasons traders tell me takings are down 20% to 25% and it's going to get worse if we dont give visitors what they want. The town has to be tailored to the visitor what they used to come for no longer applies.  21st century kids dont want to paddle and feed ducks they want to be entertaned, have great free wifi, discos,live ...

I remember there was a plan to do that as well Margaret but from what i remember there was some negativity from the powers that be as there was with the proposed road train from the Warren. There was at some point a plan from someone in the marina business to extend the sea wall/breakwater at boat cove and dredge it to provide summer moorings on pontoons again lots of negativity.  Now my ...

2 weeks ago

Lynne there are plenty of great marinas west of us Brixham, Dartmouth, plenty around Plymouth but nothing here. The Exe has plenty of moorings but can be very dangerous at certain times of the tide and is not simple to navigate, Teignmouth again very fast tides but no Marina. The advantage of a good marina in Dawlish would be the amount of money it would generate boat owners have disposable ...

I was speaking to a resident yesterday about the play park and Dawlish in general and a comment was made that said it all.  It went like this "i used to holiday here 20 years ago sit in the sunshine with my kids on the lawns  feed the ducks and enjoy the peace and quiet and i want it to stay like that i dont want anything to change"

The Glorious Sixth
2 weeks ago

Well here we are at long last THE GLORIOUS SIXTH kids are all back to School most of the visitors have departed isn't it just GLORIOUS. And just to remind you all its only 109 days to Christmas.

So how many folk are making a fuss 5,10,20, not many i bet.

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