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Well thats the way of the world some have it some dont it's always been that way and always will be.

Alterations to the Strand a magic formula, the cycle path a magic formula, you havent missed anything Lynne i dont believe there are any answer to revitalising town centres.  Amazon are building a new warehouse system just of the motorway at Bristol and a new motorway junction to service it there are no High Streets that can compete with that amount of investment.

1½ weeks ago

CEO of Cancer Research Harpel Kumar £240,000 CEO of Amnesty International Salil Shaty £210,000 And it alleged the Ceo of UNISEF recieves $1,200,000 plus the use of a Rolls Royse and a expense a/c rumoured to be $150,000.

I seem to remember the Strand cost 1.2 million another waste of money was it not to be the saviour for the town.

Laptop .
1½ weeks ago

Colin in Printhead  Brunswick Place.

Bandstand and other
3 weeks ago

There has been a female begging outside the Post Office recently when i was asked for money i mentioned a job may be a good idea her reply i have tried that my love but work is not my thing and in her hand a new iphone. So my question is how can she afford a iphone and were did the money come from or is someone missing a iphone now that may seem harsh to some but i have worked all my life i am ...

On very low tides/spring tides you can get out towards the parson and clerk there are good muscles out there but you cant linger you will have no more than 20 to 30 minutes and conditions have to be calm.

DEEDOODLE I hope your wife is ok what mindles cretin would do such a thing the stupidity of some folk out there makes the mind boggle.

Well Lynne in the very near future you will have to, the day of the High Street Bank is nearly over.

1 Sep 2018

In 2017 90% of UK households had a internet connection with the highest percentage age group not having internet being in the 75+range so i presume as us oldies die of the percentage having internet will increase.

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