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Its very true Lynne i suppose they do it to make us believe prices are not rising i have noticed it with things like garlic puree, and tomatoe puree in the squeezy tubes, the weight has reduced by a few grams.

Life is very simple, if you want all the services,benifits, social care etc then all of us will have to pay more in tax. I would increase the basic rate by 4p, VAT to 30%, 50p on a litre of fuel, double the tax on fags and beer.  i would also chase those who evade tax and that will give you what the population wants but will you vote for me??  Now Mr Corbyn tells us we can have everything but ...

6 hours ago

Why should a pensioner who has millions get winter fuel allowance those on benifits ie housing benifit will still get it.  The triple lock needs to be paid for so if you all want to pay more tax for my pay rise each year then fair enough but I am happy with whats on offer. So last but not least my house this already happens, i have friends in care homes that are being funded by the sale of there ...

yesterday at 21:49

My dad used to tell me all you need is three things in life, food in your belly, a dry roof and a good pair of wellies.  If you have those three things life is good, and it was.  Today my kids want things, society has changed to "want want want" I am entitled, why cant i have a new car, own my own house, go to Uni, my iPhone 6s is out of date i need a upgrade.  The world is mad we need to get back ...

yesterday at 11:52

The cables are still in place along the Brook and on the Manor Bridge so i presume the moniters are still at the Manor.

yesterday at 11:21

I read something recently can't remember if it was in the local paper that it was due to be upgraded but it has always been something of a white elephant.  The monitors that were at one time in the Manor are not monitored and it is non functional after dark it was ill conceived from the start and is now 8 or 10 years old and needs a full overhaul and update. I dont believe it has been instrumental ...

yesterday at 10:02

We have/ it does/ not really/

If someone elderly like me needs care and owns a £300,000 property why should it not be used to pay for care i am far from a Tory voter but find nothing wrong with the above.  Things have to change if you want everything free then be prepared to have huge increases in Tax,NI, and VAT now folk dont want that so this is the alternative.  Pensions we again have had it easy with the triple lock the ...

Graham Price
4 days ago

Indy Scott this is Dawlish and this sort of thing goes on all the time i wouldn't lose any sleep over it as it will be the same in 20 years time it's just how it is.

Paul can you recall how many incidents of the kind you talk about have happened on the streets of Dawlish since 1984 because i dont remember any.

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