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General Election
6 days ago

Well it looks like a snap general election on the 8th June we might just with a bit of luck and a following wind get rid of Mr Corbyn once and for all.

6 Mar 2017

Ihave been taking them for 11 years after a stroke now completely recoved i may add, i have had a few issues nothing major just lack of energy now and then but as above rather a little tired now and then is better than a heart attack or stroke.

Mobiles and driving
28 Feb 2017

I have just driven along Exeter Road and noticed 3 drivers on there mobiles one a HGV driver.

28 Feb 2017

Just a reminder people as from 1st March the penalty for using a mobile phone while driving is 6 penalty points and a £200 fine.

Vodafone Network
25 Feb 2017

The only place i have ever lost signal and have used my phone from Lands End to The Orkneys is DCC and Elm Grove Road and i use Talk Talk.

Why should the surgery contact patients to remind them they have an appointment it brings to mind teachers phoning pupils who are perpetially late or worse knocking on their door to get them up.  We have become a country of individuals who dont take responsibility for there actions me i am always 15 mins early for any appointment.  We live in a nanny state and i for one don't need a nanny to ...

Well said Fred couldn't agree more.

The point is if you dont attend a appointment you deprive someone who could be desperate of that oppointment who then goes to AE and clogs up the system. When goverment propose a charge for seing a GP folk are up in arms and yet dont seem to care about not attending  appointments maybe a deposit scheme would work say £20 you dont attend or cancell you lose your deposit.

17 Feb 2017

Put it in your phone  01626 888877 in this day and age is it not one of the numbers folk would automaticaly store in there mobile.

16 Feb 2017

250 people failing to turn up for appointments is 41.66 hours of appointments taking appointments are 10 mins each thats one days worth of appointments wasted each week, if that is the case only 80% of appointments are being used maybe a fine should be levied.

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