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From what i understand there will be no border as is now with Southern Ireland i imagine there will be very strict controls at ports of entry on the Uk mainland. So if thats the case ferry to Belfast drive south and enjoy your holliday.  The authorities in Southern Ireland may have to have stricter controls at their ports of entry Cork and Dunleary for those entering from the UK passport and visa. ...

Yes i could live in Scotland but would have to return south during midge season.

2 days ago

I dont understand your thinking just because they voted leave has no bearing on them wanting or thinking of going to Spain. The difference with some EU countries and the UK is we follow every piece of legisltion that oozes from Brussels and yet some EU members seem to ignore half of the rules.  On the other hand i wouldn't move to any country in Europe if you paid me or any place else in the world ...

I am far from fond of red tape i was just pointing out that technically they have no right to close a public footpath i know why and accept it. The reason that no order was obtained is probably down to the cost.

We will have the same problem when the cycle path is extended through the lawns along the Bartons up to John Nash Drive can you imagine anybody cycling all the way round when they can just pop up the hill and rejoin the cycle path at the top.

JD2017 you certainly do it's a public footpath and a right of way now we all understand why they have done it but it doesn't make it right.

The problem is the section through Lanherne is not fit for purpose.

2 days ago

The cycle path runs from the station or tucks plot through Lanherne then Exeter Road does it not.

Well i have been a resident for over 30 years and believe me you will not change anything i have battled to get things resolved with very little effect Dawlish is Dawlish it wont change.  Its still a great place to live but slowly each year its dying a bit more and the odd thing is nobody cares.  The reasons for this have been talked about on this forum for years the old guard are in charge and ...

3 days ago

Could it not be a farmers supply for a drinking trough if it was it would be a metered supply and the farmers responsibility  seems a lot of fuss over a bit of mud.

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