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Lloyds Chemists.
2 days ago

No the same one but then folks dont like the doctors, i know folk who wouldnt set foot in Gay's me i also have my dislikes the Coop now the staff are miserable, never smile,are rude,the queues at the tills are horrendous and i would rather walk over hot coals than shop there Sainsburys all the way for me.

3 days ago

Well maybe its my happy go lucky attitude that rubs of on folk i always greet with a smile and joke with staff. There are a lot of demanding and rude customers out there and personally i wouldnt last two minutes serving some of them i think we are very lucky with the setup at Barton Surgery and my advice to anybody who doesnt like it go elsewhere.

3 days ago

Lloyds suits me i have never had a problem and find the staff friendly and helpful.

1 week ago

Do all the chemists not have a arrangement with each other about opening times.

The planning application was refused on Thursday 9th November by the Town Councill so its now in the hands of Teignbridge Planning lets hope they also refuse it.

1 week ago

There are a number of large pumps that pump sewerage up to the Sandy Lane tanks that are in the car park. The pumps do get blocked at times with wet wipes fat etc and they remove them with a crane for cleaning the last time was probably 10 to 12 months ago. If my memory serves me correctly there are large tanks that extend from the road under the corner of Tucks Plot but access to them is on the ...

But with climate change crops will change we grow more than you think Lynne for arguments sake we produce Saffron,Chillies and peppers are grown by the millions, we produce Strawberries nearly all year round. We used to manage without all these foods from abroad and we ate what was in season leeks, cabbage,carrots, turnip,and the tops, lots of fruit,pears,we grow the best apples in the world, ...

New Benches
1½ weeks ago

Top of my to do list would be resurface Exeter Road but DCC seem to think Coryton Close was a priority i wonder why.

From 1st June 2016 to 31st May 2017 she claimed £46,199-74 this was for 213 seperate items and i can't be bothered to list them all.

Birds take priority over jobs, now i am all for conservation but there has to be a balance the trouble with Natural England is they are set on a course to protect wildlife at any cost and dont care one jot about folks trying to make a living working at places like the Boat House.

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