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Talking of the bigger picture and trans national interests When Nigel Farage met Julian Assange The Guardian - 1 day ago On 9 March 2017, an ordinary Thursday morning, Ian Stubbings, a 35-year-old Londoner, was walking down the street near his office ... · Is Farage acting as a human courier for Julian Assange? ... Daily Mail - 1 day ago Nigel Farage could be acting as ...

French Election
5 hours ago

"The Tories should never forget that the roots of decay often emerge when an empire seems strongest". Wasn't it Theresa MaybeI'llchangemymind who described the Tories as the nasty party?

General Election
6 hours ago

And what about brides' veils?

French Election
6 hours ago

Well, as none of us have crystal balls we, all of us , are assuming things.

Dawlish Town Council Code of Conduct for Councillors

French Election
6 hours ago

I won't. Even if all those UKIP votes went to the Tories he would still win. Then bear in mind that Green and LD votes could go BB's way.

6 hours ago

Exeter 2015 GE result Labour (Ben Bradshaw) - 25,062 Conservative - 17,879 UKIP - 5,075 Green - 3,491 Liberal Democrat - 2,321 EU referendum EXETER: 55% voted to remain in the EU with 45% voting to leave, from a 74% turnout. Of the 86,418 electorate 35,270 voted in while 28,533 voted out.

General Election
yesterday at 13:23

Because if I got elected that would be the quickest and most effective way of shutting me up. Which might please some. But certainly not me. And no-one has to read what I write. and.....when you say Good and Bad do you really mean Good = those you agree with and Bad = those you don't? (and now look what you've gone and've started me off again! )

and more again "We need to have the promise of the candidates to fix Carhaix Way and the connection to the Saintsbury roundabout. The safety of our children is paramount." "Carhaix way DOES NOT need fixing. The link road to Sainsbury needs to be constructed instead." "After reading that waste of paper the council put through our doors last week.I noticed there are 16 councillors ...

2 days ago

and some more from EoD Also question how they've spent a total of £400,000 doing up the Manor (including £90,000 to re Tarmac the car park with locking gates) which according to the title deeds (which I have copy of) is in fact illegal to be locking the public out! How they get away with it is beyond me. Exactly! On what, exactly, are they spending all this extra council tax from all ...

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