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Yes Leatash I was around in the 1960s and 1970s. do I want to go there again? NO! And if the result had been 52% Remain 48% Leave do you think that the Leavers would have left it at that? For if you do then you really are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Now here's a thought that's come to me As I sit with my fruitcake and nice cup of tea That the lawn is a place for a bit of a 'do' Where those of one mind, Should they feel so inclined Can blow bushels of raspberries straight at the EU

Funny you should mention the term United States as I was only wondering to myself this morning what type of trade deal the UK would get with an "America First", protectionist, Trumpton U.S.

today at 07:29

Back to the 1960s/1970s? - OMG! No thank you! So if the people decided that they wanted another vote and this time the vote showed that they wanted to stay in the EU I take it, by your logic, that you would be happy with that? And I see that Jacob Tree-Frog is now saying that he thinks a No Deal scenario is ever more likely but that there is nothing to worry about. So that's okay ...

yesterday at 20:54

Some might say that hysteria was/is the approach taken by some in this country towards the EU. See you in the morning B/S. Nighty night.

yesterday at 19:17

The EU and Japan have just signed a trade deal. And didn't the EU sign up to one with Canada not so long ago? Talking of shit  - that reminds me - I must get some manure for all that fruit and veg I'm gonna have to try and grow...........

yesterday at 17:05

If you click on this link and then scroll down you will get an itemised list of the DUP's Brexit wishlist. Note item 7 -"Frictionless border with the Irish Republic assisting those working or travelling in the other direction". And also of course there is ...

yesterday at 12:57

I thought we were talking about the outcome (or one of them) of that democratic vote not whether or not there should be another one. I do seem to be detecting a pattern evolving on this website (and no doubt on countless others as well) which goes along the lines of if anyone points out the problems that have been caused/are causing/will be caused because of the vote for the UK to leave the ...

yesterday at 10:47

So if you already know all that why do you still think that it is the EU playing hardball? It isn't. Okay - so let's just say there will be a hard border between NI and the RoI. Will that hard border be across the whole of the border (barbed wire/wall?) or just along main roads. Because if the latter it will simply serve to allow the smuggling of goods and people to/from the RoI(EU)/UK ...

yesterday at 10:11

Because the Unionists in N.Ireland do not want to be part of the Republic of Ireland they want to remain part of the UK. In addition to that general feeling, the real politik of the May government is that it needs the DUP MPs  to give it a majority. The DUP MPs most definitely do not want N.I to become part of the Republic in any shape or form and they most definitely do want N.I to ...

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