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New Play Park
5 hours ago

Does anyone know the outcome of last Thursday's F&GP meeting where how to fund the proposed playpark was on the agenda.

Dawlish Town Council's planning committee will be meeting this evening. Amongst the other planning applications on the agenda is this one.

I know it's called negotiation. It usually means give and take on both sides.  Thus the negotiations, let alone the outcome(s), won't be on our terms alone.

I can't find anything about this on St. Gregs website. Fete on the Lawn usually takes place in July. I was out of town last week and the week before. Did it happen then?

Er.........we are going to set up trade deals on our terms then, are we? What about those with whom we are hoping to set up these trade deals. Don't you think they might have some terms as well?

3 days ago

From the ECSC to the EU - its timeline

3 days ago

What next? Entryism of the Green Party by Kippers? ps @b.o.liking - see  the second post of this thread. you haven't responded. so i'll ask again. can you explain for me (and possibly others as well) what you meant by your opening statement please.

4 days ago

Tick  Tock

4 days ago

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4 days ago

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