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I thought I heard someone say it will all be over by Christmas. Thing is though, they didn't say which one.......

And if they are of benefit to us I don't see the problem. The problem might be that if we are out of the EU they could be rescinded or amended.

yesterday at 14:18

The negotiations are being led on the EU's part by Michel Barnier and his team. As well as the Uk government having to agree to whatever is being proposed as I understand the situation so too do all the governments of the remaining EU countries. We could end up with No Deal by default and neither the Uk or the EU wants that. But.......

see planning applications 18/01801/FUL and 18/01802/FUL

I believe it was a European Court of Justice ruling that stopped part-time workers being treated less favourably than full-time ones. I can remember when part-time workers were not allowed to join company pension schemes simply and only because they worked part-time. And the majority of part-time workers were........... women! Is it still the case that women are more likely to work-part ...

yesterday at 07:53

A No Deal Brexit is a lose/lose outcome. So of course both sides are looking for a deal which disrupts as little as possible and to get to as near a win/win situation as is possible given all the issues involved. But that could take more time than the March 2019 deadline allows for. Click on this link for a synopsis of what May is proposing ...

2 days ago

@ Lostit : back in the mid 1980s I remember a Northern Ireland nationalist telling me that the nationalists had but only to play the long game with regard to Irish unification. What did he mean? Well, as he pointed out to me with a smile - as a general rule Catholics have more children than Protestants. Thus over a period of time......... @ All - info here ...

Earlier this week I emailed TDC asking them about the Sainsbury £200,000 S106 money. I have just received this in response. "Thank you for your e-mail about the Sainsbury’s Town Centre money. I can confirm that we received £202,751.89 on 4 March 2011 and the “spend by” date is 4 March 2021. The agreement says “Towards cost of projects aimed at sustaining the vitality and viability ...

2 days ago

More on Northern Ireland: 1. Majority of those who voted in N.I wished to Remain in the EU. 2. The Democratic Unionist Party (note the word Unionist) argued for Leave. 3. Since the outcome of the snap general election in 2017 the 10(?) DUP MPs have supported the Conservatives in parliament. Without the DUP MPs the Conservatives would not have a majority. 4. Both the Conservative Party ...

2 days ago

I wonder how many people in England, Wales and Scotland thought about Brexit and its impact and complications with regard to the island of Ireland. I know it didn't enter my head until the ramifications and complications of it all came to the fore after June 2016. As I understand it.......... where the EU and a  non EU country has a border that border has to be a hard one. (there are ...

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