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yesterday at 21:10

Brexit is a chance to slash food prices while freeing our farmers from the subsidy straitjacket WARWICK LIGHTFOOT Telegraph

yesterday at 20:28

Put a tax on the processed foods then, like they are thinking of doing on plastic bottles and the like. What is the saying "???????? there's a way". There has got to be a way to get people to change their eating habits to achieve a more healthier life style.

yesterday at 17:03

If some people can't afford to eat because of rising prices, it could be a good thing all round. I understand the NHS is under exreme pressure from those that carry too much weight. Increase the prices of bad foods and lower the price of good foods. Now I don't know good from bad so don't anyone dare ask me what they are. There are however healthy foods and unheathy foods as there are ...

See part 1 here -

3 days ago

Lets hope others will follow suit and within the same time frame. It can be done.

4 days ago

More allotments would help in many ways

Parking tickets
4 days ago

And as plod has brought in Plymouth (again no mention of enforcing car parks). Plymouth City Council uses ANPR cameras to automatically enforce bus lanes and bus gates within the city of Plymouth. Fair and consistent enforcement has helped in reducing delays and journey times for buses, improving punctuality, enhancing the attractiveness of public transport and helping to make the ...

4 days ago

And I am telling you plod that what you have placed on this site about Plymouth does not say anything about car parks. I am begining to think that you cannot read or at least understand what is written. If you try and answer the poser I gave you as to how ANPR could work in off street P&D car parks, you may make everyone happy. And as what you have posted is 2010, you may find that Plymouth has ...

4 days ago

plod you are wrong! and Diana Mond doesn't like the truth. How do I know plod is wrong? Well having dealt with such matters for years, I have accumulated much information from official sources. I am not going to point you or anyone else to the relevant legislation that forbids LA's from using ANPR to enforce their car parks. In the cool light of day, you explain to me and everyone else that ...

6 days ago

The above nonsense from lisa needs some clarification. The only reason ANPR CANNOT be used for enforcement purposes in local authority car parks, is because no SofS for Transport has certified any device to be used for enforcement purposes in LA owned car parks. Does lisa understand that? How do I no that, well for years having been in touch with the BHA director, (Patrick Troy) that is ...

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