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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88

And the gravey train chuggs along.

Poor response to flood risk
yesterday at 12:52

Calamari. Taking your eye off the ball is to me falling asleep on the job. If he had been wide awake, he would have known what was going on. He is just not up to it. Move over. He is not fit for purpose.

yesterday at 05:46

Is flooding new to this town? And if Terry Lowther falls asleep on the job, doesn't he think himself, it is time to pack it in?

And if no one gives the councillors some stick, they will think they have done everything as it should be.

1½ weeks ago

Diana Mond. Answer to 1. = Nothing that I can see. Answer to 2. Not sure, except it was aimed at the Transport department of that council. Word has it, Torbay Borough Council ( A unitary authority) is also in a spot of bother finacialy. They were/are trying to get DCC to take them back. Little chance of that happening as DCC will not take on the debt.

1½ weeks ago

@Diana Mond i am not here to tell you how to do things. it has been on the news several times today. and it would apper that this not so mysterious council were given 10m for health purposes, but decided to use the money for other things. it looks like they will have to return the money which will make that councils financial situation even the news! you may learn something.

1½ weeks ago

Diana Mond is so good at it. I never made a FOI request on what I published and I have no idea who it was that did. I mentioned "linesmen" as they are the ones that drive around the county looking for problems on the roads and pointed out that most of the time it is just a temporary fix, and also pointed out "fixed today back tomorrow to fix again). Exeter road was a classic before they came to do ...

1½ weeks ago

Diana Mond, does it matter what council it is? the point of me placing this on, was to show just from one department, (Transport) how much money is wasted on claims when in the majority of cases, the problems could have been fixed. Maybe by those that are trying to fix Exeter Road. In Devon, we have a team of men called "linesmen", There job as I understand it is to drive around and ...

1½ weeks ago

1: Total claims for compensation your council received. 832 # 2: Total claims your council paid out compensation for. 142 3: Highest single amount your council paid out in compensation. £1,972.00 4: Lowest single amount your council paid out in compensation. £25.20 5: Average single amount your council paid out in compensation. £42.94* 6: Total compensation your council paid out ...

Wandering can be benificial/imformativ/educational. I see nothing wrong with having a good wander. Ever wondered what would happen if we didn't wander?

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