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Diana Mond
Parking tickets
2 hours ago

Brooklyn Bridge It sounds to me that if you knew of some local authority was breaking the law, you would turn a blind eye. Not for me I'm afraid. There are two cases on going at the moment (there may be others) where it could cost DCC millions and that cost will eventually land in your lap. Remember Government and local authorities can only spend money that you give them. No wonder care homes are ...

8 hours ago

I have to agree with DEEDOODLE except on one point. I have already mentioned that there is a difference between car park conditions and on street parking conditions. Car parks run by local authorities can do virtually what they like with income raised either by parking charges or income from PCN's. But on street is another matter as to what is done with the income raised and how it is ...

9 hours ago

So Diana Mond does not know the motives behind the terms and conditions, pity that, because how can anyone have a meaningful debate on this subject if the prime antagonist to it does not provide answers to questions and continues to go around in circles declaring that answers have been given. So I will ask one more time. What is the motive behind a LA not giving the motorist the right to ...

today at 05:36

I will put it to you another way. What is the motive behind the terms and conditions of not having the ability to transfer a ticket?

yesterday at 21:29

You have still failed to answer the question, I have read your replies and apart from telling me it is there, you have failed to answer why it is there. What is the underlying purpose of not being able to transfer a parking ticket. And your seriousness on this subject is unforgivable, you appear to answer questions in a way that only suit you and are afraid for want of another word to answer the ...

yesterday at 20:29

You Diana Mond became tedious some time ago and you have failed to answer the basic question and that is, "what is the purpose of you declaring a parking ticket is "not transferable"? Answer that and you may begin to understand it has no purpose apart from the one you may try and answer. Just trying to make it appear it is not transferable does not really answer anything. Go on answer the purpose ...

yesterday at 18:52

Diana Mond, You have said," However it does explicitly state that when you leave your vehicle you have to purchase a ticket from a machine!" Where does it say in that statement that you cannot pass that purchased ticket over to someone else?

yesterday at 10:34

Without prejudice. My very first question on this subject was, “I noticed on the ticket were the words, "NOT TRANSFERABLE". Now does anyone on here have any idea exactly what is meant by those two words when it comes to parking tickets? That question was never answered. There was a reply thus, “It is a offence to transfer the ticket to another vehicle”. Well I didn’t ask whether or not ...

If anyone is intersted, the point to points that were scheduled at Black Forest. Two have gone to Ottry st Mary and one has gone to Tavistock. Ottery 19th Nov 2017 and 14th April 2018. Not sure of the date at Tavistock.

Parking tickets
6 days ago

Perhaps I should have asked first. You claim that it is written into the TRO that you cannot transfer a parking ticket? If it is there, why is it there, what is it's purpose, what are they achieving by it?

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