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A questionable butterfly


Pete B
yesterday at 13:59

Water, if public control took over once again, could be controoled in a more public friendly way. If the water companies that are now, were to link up the pipe lines, then there should not be a shortage in one particular place. why will they not do that? Some now have more leaks than others and don.t really give a damn about rectifying it. There should be legislation in place to control the amount ...

yesterday at 10:02

Should water be in the control of private enterprise? They make huge profits for their shareholders, but would it not be better to plough those profits back into the public purse? There was a very good reason why water was privatized and profit was the driving force.

Lycra louts about.
2 days ago

@DEEDOODLE So you don't mind being held up behind a MS but you detest being held up behind the lycra louts - is that correct?

4 days ago

Imagine if you found yourself behind a fleet of mobility scooters, what you have to say about that when their top speed on the road is 10mph?

America is only a small part of the rest of the world, and I think we would be fools to put all of our eggs in one basket, but trump would like us to do that - he is a businessman after all.

Not the same as what I experienced ------ ONCE.

We have already had a referendum to leave or stay in the EU, why do we need another? If people can't be assed to look at the facts instead of making assumptions, then they might, just might come to another turning.

1 week ago

I thought this topic was about food shortages.

Clean Air
1 week ago

Where are the senors that monitor air quality in Dawlish? Where is the data from those senors? I have noted that a lot of school children (Who are most at risk) regularly travel through the marked area.

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