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yesterday at 17:04

When someone writes something, it is unclear who they are refering too. Perhaps Brooklyn Bridge can be more open.

yesterday at 00:24

How can you tell if a homeless person is a druggie or a alchoholic or how can you tell if a person is homeless?

17 Aug 2018

@S no, i have not lived in any of those places but have been to all of them. i have friends who live there, i have friends here in dawlish that once lived there. the ones that live here are glad to get away and those that still live there are eager to move. you have to get first-hand knowledge of what it is like to live there, and that is why i suggested to one of the most popular contributors to ...

17 Aug 2018

@Scapegoat . yes i have and for me it is not a nice place to be. i am glad that our slaughter houses are having cctv fitted so that others can witness what is going on. i have seen the slaughter of most things from chickens to horses. A lot of people do not know that over 600 horses are slaughtered in the uk every week and many of those are bred as race horses that do not make the grade. I am ...

17 Aug 2018

I suggest that Diana Mond should stop swaning around with her thumb up her bum and her brain in neutral and go and see for herself what intergration is like in parts of Birmingham, Bolton, Wolverhampton etc. Take her own meat pasties as the ones she will get there will be from animals slaughtered their way. No stun, just cut the poor animals throat, it is not a pleasant sight to see. How can ...

17 Aug 2018

How many normal people do you know in Dawlish? I know many and I don't think they contribute to this site. If they did, I am pretty sure they would shoot you and yours down in flames. Take a trip to Birmingham, you might learn a thing or two.

17 Aug 2018

Anyone see the news on BBC 1 tonight. There appears to be not much intergration in Birmingham between Pakistani muslims and the rest. Interesting watch with interviews from both sides with their opinions.

17 Aug 2018

I thought Diana Mond had been voted off a long time ago. Seems like I got it wrong again - oh well!!!!!

17 Aug 2018

This will stir things up. I don't think woman should have the vote, they should be bossed around by men like the lady in Iran. Now that's my opinion.

17 Aug 2018

@S like it or not, they are my opinions.

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