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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mond

@Lynne - similar, but not, shows you're thinking though!

2 days ago

What a joy the D.D&D.C where in their little reserved shelter on The Lawn this afternoon with their 2/3 litre bottles of cider on display, that is 2 to 3 litre not two thirds of a litre. What a lovely picture that paints of Dawlish as the visitor's were walking passed to the beach, sigh! Prohibition notices, as effective as a chocolate tea cup, but not as tasty.

@Diana Mond - you wish.

3 days ago

@The Observer - I believe there is a need for the position, but maybe not at the current salary level considering the average wage in the area is so much less.

3 days ago

@Diana Mond -!

@Lisa - get a dog and bark yourself, i hear where ur coming from.

3 days ago

@Lisa - oh! i feel so empowered now, thankyou for your explanation of my petty little puddle problem. i'm off to the beach to get some pebbles to use as stepping stones. i suppose a £200k+ play area on the lawn is more pressing than maintaining a failing infrastructure by council's that would rather spend millions on worthless and unthought out projects! i.e. millions on a grubby yellow pavement ...

Parking tickets
5 days ago

Simple, money, money, money.

Poop pond still there as of last night and still impassable.

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