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Julias Sachin
pics 19 11 2017
yesterday at 16:36

Sunday 19th November
yesterday at 15:07

ZIGGY@ nice to see the barriers in place, I've seen the odd cyclist shoot down there when pedestrians have been coming the other way...I suppose the cyclist's will just go on the grass, that being the one's that actually use the cycle path. Nice shot of the cygnet's.

Wasn't all this 'new build' pushed through to alleviate the large numbers of local people who were unable to buy their own homes and alleviate the ever growing numbers of people without homes? As can be seen over the last few years many developers wriggle their way out of producing the numbers of homes required for such people. It's all well and good importing food, etc from abroad, but if ...

Still at the trough, nothing ever changes with these thick skinned individuals, in my opinion. Member's pay, expenses and ministerial salaries 2016/2017 Average salary for the South West !

@Diana Mond 08 nov 2017 22:46 - i see you are quoting from your own special qualities, how captious of you.

1½ weeks ago

In my own opinion there are far to many direction signs, why on earth you need signage to tell you where the beach is or the tourist info centre when you can see them whilst standing by the sign. As to all the prohibition notices, well, what a waste of time they are, about as much use as the 'NO CYCLING' or the 'DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS' signs. Now I await the inevitable usual trolls stating the ...

@Pete , thanks.

2 weeks ago

Planning application
2 weeks ago

Nothing wrong with more places to have a drink and a bite in Dawlish. I'm sure the massive influx of cyclist's will need filling up before continuing out of Dawlish! Oh, and not forgetting the wave after wave of parents coming to the new mega playpark on The Lawn. With well less than 100 objections logged, which is literally a zero percent of the Dawlish population I expect it will be ...

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