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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

@Brooklyn Bridge (23 june 11:12hrs). well said, but how many times in the past has the dawlish council just done what ever it pleased. even when they have sought the residents input? I see we no longer have anyone for the council participating on this forum. In my opinion the gwr £19,212 may or may not have something todo with the placing of the play park for the under 8's.

The sewer should have been in place before the new builds were approved by the planning dep't. They say it was planned for 2025, but how many new houses will be using that 6 inch pipe by 2025. In my opinion, a greedy company like many others putting profit above customer satisfaction. God forbid if they charged milk prices for the water they supply and the crap we send them back. I'm ...

Green loss
1 week ago

Well worth reading the link

Dogs on Lawn plus.
1½ weeks ago

@Diana Mond - i was merely using your own words. As to an important thread, yes it is important from the view point of the potential banning of dog's on The Lawn. From your post on this thread (11 June 2018 20:02) you seem happy to stop dog walker's from excercising their dogs on The Lawn, but seem unaware/ignorant to the fact that the potential for attacks on swans and other wildfowl ...

1½ weeks ago

@Diana Mond - 'will surely have the support of most people in the town', sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bastins still to let
2 weeks ago

@elvis presley - indeed, a potentially great web site for the promoting of Dawlish to potential visitors, but time and time again threads are pulled down into a downward spiral by one individual. We all have the right to have a moan and argue on this site because that is what adds character, but, but, but, what hasn't been said many times before about this one individual. Has the webmaster ...

2 weeks ago

@Diana Mond - leopard spots, pot kettle black, stones glass houses. In my opinion you have single handedly put people off posting on this site with your toxic persona. You give little but take a lot. If only you could be banned by the web master by i.p. address(s). I am sure I am not the only one who has this opinion of you.

Missing cat
2 weeks ago

Below is a link to a little more info. As a keen motorcyclist for over 40 years I was pleasently surprised to see it in such great condtion. A rare find to behold....made my day and I thought I would share with like minded souls.

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