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Well it makes sense to me that plans should get made, just in case things go pear shaped on the issue of trade. For with roughly 50% of the food on our shelves being grown overseas and not by ourselves, it’s very important for future days that we have enough food to feed the UK. As from the EU to Blighty much food gets imported, it’s really quite crucial this issue gets sorted. If ...

Nearly 500 people saved from homelessness

So why don't you enlighten us then with the news reporting to which you have access but to which so many of us, apparently, do not.

Not a lot of people still around who have had first hand experience of rationing during and after the war so food rationing/shortages would come as a bit of a shock to the vast majority.

Cant comment further as the freedom of speech is one of the casualties already. As said wake up and look at whats happening in our major cities also enlighten yourselves with news reporting other than that of the major media companies all of which are being sensored by government officies

Well, we couldn't do nothing then about our rationed food except exchange what we didn't want with something that we did with someone else. So I doubt if it did happen and whose to say it won't, that anyone could stop it. If things are going tits up and the government appears to be struggling as to a way forward, then I suspect contingency plans for many things are already on someone's mind.

2 weeks ago

Just imagine the uproar, the hullabaloo Should our food end up rationed As per World War Two.

Please explain your comments rather than hiding behind soundbites. What freedoms are you fighting for Fred and the need for name calling?

I remember them, I was so hungry I ate mine.

2 weeks ago

Do you remember ration books???????????

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