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Thanks DM. It takes a fair bit of time to organise SF. We also have to wait for some organisations to do their final accounts for the year before they chip in. We'd love to say how much was raised immediately but the truth is that we don't know until the traders donations are in. Hopefully everyone had a good time this year and with continuing local support we can do it again next ...

With a bit of luck, someone on the train might have seen this senseless act and be able to give a description of the perpetrator. Deedoodle, I hope your wife is not too shaken up and it hasn’t put her off walking the sea wall.

3 weeks ago

DEEDOODLE I hope your wife is ok what mindles cretin would do such a thing the stupidity of some folk out there makes the mind boggle.

Well Lynne in the very near future you will have to, the day of the High Street Bank is nearly over.

3 weeks ago

I have the internet (obviously). I do not bank online. Believe Barclays branch in T'mouth is closing wef this coming Friday (7th September)

3 weeks ago

In 2017 90% of UK households had a internet connection with the highest percentage age group not having internet being in the 75+range so i presume as us oldies die of the percentage having internet will increase.

Whilst having a pleasant walk along the sea wall from Dawlish to Dawlish Warren a scumbag thought it would be entertaining to lob, what looked like a 1 inch by 2 inch dark colured pebbel/stone out of the railway carriage. The object hit my wife wife with enough force to cause pain and leave a mark on her T shirt. The object had enough force to bounce off my wife at some speed and off the sea ...

I did't think my post through. Of course only people with Internet would be reading it. I feel more concerned with the folks that do not have the Internet and do not have the ability to do banking online.

If you made a Power of Attorney between 1.4.13 and 31.3.17 it is highly likely that you were charged too much and you are now able to get that overcharge refunded. See link below for more info (but lots more links if you just do a search with the words Power of Attorney fee refund.)

I didn't know about these health checks until I read about them in the paper a few days back. I have never been called in for one and have been aged 40+ for quite some years now. See below for links if you'd like to find out more. What is an NHS Health Check? - NHS › Health A-Z › NHS Health Check If ...

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