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@Mobeen Dabigman welcome to, and please don't pay too much attention to @Diana Mond . @Diana Mond , please stop trolling users.

Mobeen Dabigman
Mobeen Dabigman
2 weeks ago

nice find, huw, i’m well grateful for that, mate, so cheers for that. now then... @Diana Mond … your attempt to have a pop at me was actually spot on. my internet really was down this past weekend because of changing providers. that’s not really your business, but i’d rather be upfront rather than let you paint me out as someone so impolite that i’d completely ignore an answerer to a ...

Post code lottery perhaps?

2 weeks ago

I asked about the over 40 check-up at the Doctors last year (or maybe earlier this year) and I was told they don't do them anymore unless there are health concerns.

Last Thursday night between 10pm and 5am somebody came onto our property and helped themselves to a stone gnome. It is not worth anything However, it does have sentimental value to my wife, it was a wedding present to her parents when they were married in 1940, they were married for 68 years and her mother passed away last December aged 99 years old. So if anyone knows who has taken this maybe ...

Sorry Huw, I can only assume that MobeenDaBigMan and Calamari haven’t had access to the Internet this weekend to be able to say thank you to you.

Why would anyone do that???? Thankfully it wasn’t anywhere near as warm as it has been this summer, but even so. At least the dog didn’t look in distress. PS Did you manage to get to 100% of your target steps for the day?

2 weeks ago

The dog seemed okay and had a bowl with some water, but if the sun had come out the temp in the car would have climbed very quickly. All 4  windows were just over an inch wide all the way round and it was quite humid. DON'T LEAVE A DOG IN A LOCKED CAR DURING HOT WEATHER UNATTENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!

@leatash and cassandra, thankyou.

I read an article about this fund in the paper yesterday and thought I'd bring what it said to the attention of readers of this site in case they have children/grandchildren born between the dates shown above. Between the dates shown above, when the Child Trust Fund was in operation, every child received a voucher for £250 from the government to be put into the fund. Thing is, that from what ...

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