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My daughter was evacuated from a student block in Swansea.

A bloke from this scum company - called at my mum's door this evening at approximately 20:30. He said households in the area had been over changed and had been sent to fix the billing problems. He sounded very official, but I realised he was just trying to get us to switch to get a fee. My mum has a Devon & Cornwall Police no cold calling sticker on the door which he ...

Not for nearly 10 years now.

This is especially saddening after all of the sterling work that’s been done by the likes of Bob Vickery, which was supported by the previous DTC administration, to commemorate the lives that were lost due to WWI.

1 week ago

As far as i can remember the beacon in the Brook  has only been used once but hey what else should we expect from Dawlish Town Council. As a matter of interest does anyone know what the cost of the beacon was.

I do hope Censi’s come back, they were brilliant and really did increase footfall to the beach. The Tuesday Pizza evenings were also very popular.

It’s hugely disappointing that Dawlish Town Council haven’t offered to be included in the list of official beacons being lit all around the country to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

It's always been a private road if i remember correctly it used to be full of potholes virtualy impossible to drive on, and again if i remember correctly when the new sewage system was put in place it was resurfaced by South West Water, then resurfaced again by Railtrack after the sea wall was breached.

Change the record Mond.

These will be the same residents that put up signs saying that it’s a private road and that the public are banned from using it. Sod em, I say.

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