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Yep, exactly what he was wearing.

4 days ago

There was two of them canvassing in my road yeaterday. One knocked on my door at approx 1130am and told him I wasn't interested. Then about 4 hours later, the other chap decided to give me a try and when I answered the door, I told him where to go. @Paul Were your chaps wearing a light/sky blue top? What make me laugh is that when you answer the door, the first thing they ...

@TheObserver i didn’t say that it should be a public road! the residents live on a private unadopted road and are very vocal about it being private, yet expect public money to be spent on maintaining it for their benefit and their benefit alone. sod em.

5 days ago

you could say that about any road.  people have driven down there to see the sea i guess.  people drive down my road to park outside my house to pick their kids up.  they've had the benefit of those lights for a while without being adopted so the advantage would be to have the road resurfaced and keep the lights.  i don't think @Diana Mond 's comments are any worse than some of the residents ...

We should always commemorate and remember fallen and non fallen heroes, and if the beacon was made for a reason it should be used, looked after and maintained for the reason. I fear there is so much in Dawlish that could make Dawlish so pretty, that just goes amiss. Will Cllr Wrigley also ask for the removal of the Christmas Tree dumped in the manor grounds and ask why the area is not being ...

@flo i understand that, yes. but i ask again @Diana Mond said that it;s a private roads, by signs put up by residents, and public are banned for using it, so she/he said sod em, applying sod those who live there? why? why should public need to drive down there and use the road? what benefit is it to them?

I’m sure he won’t mind me posting on here that I’ve received a message from Martin Wrigley saying that he will bring this to the attention of the Council. Fingers crossed that something will come of this so that we can fully commemorate our fallen heroes. Thank you Mr Wrigley.

Exactly, Flo.

5 days ago

It would be maintained by the council if it was public?  That would be the benefit surely?

5 days ago

The Lights are old, and tired, the barrier between the road and the train track is also tired and dangerous! Have considerations been taken to perhaps install new, low cost, low level lighting? Have considerations been taken to replace and make repairs to the the dividing fence? @Diana Mond - i would say 70% of the residents within sea lawn and riviera are rental tenants. rental tenants ...

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