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If the meetings were interesting then perhaps the press might turn up! By the time you have listened to everything each councillor has done over the last month, most of which isn’t relevant, then there is little time for anything else.........yawn!!!!

Spend any money available on a tasteful bandstand, which can and will attract all age groups and be an asset to the lawn area.

from the minutes of the Dawlish Town council meeting held 7.11.18 LAND AT SPRINGFIELD GARDENS Members considered a report detailing what action, if any, should be taken in respect of land at Springfield Gardens, Dawlish. The Clerk reminded Members that this matter had gone before the Civic Amenities Committee previously where it had been previously thought that the grass verge area at ...

With reference to my post dated 8th November concerning how the playpark will be funded. See below extract from the minutes of the town council meeting held earlier this month (7th November). Dawlish does not currently have a Neighbourhood Plan. NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN Members considered a report which requested the appointment of a consultant to work alongside the Neighbourhood Plan Steering ...

5 days ago

Councillor Wrigley ..............”We have re-started the meetings of the Lawn Working Group and are moving towards getting all the permissions that we need to proceed. It is with regret that we have not been able to meet the timescale for the GWR funding, but I would like to remind the council that this is approximately 10% of the required total, and there is still funding allocated from section ...

Recordings are obvioulsy useful but minutes, I thought, were meant to simply record decisions on a particular item of business and are not meant to be reports or verbatim of what was / wasn't said by councillors, other than distirct and town councillor reports.  I also think I read somewhere that they should be as short as is consistent with clarity and accuracy; in addition they are less likely ...

6 days ago

Thank goodness for the person who has (past 12 months?) recorded the town council meetings and then puts the video on Youtube. I agree that minutes (and newspaper reports for that matter) don't necessarily give the full 'flavour' of a meeting. Although both may give different versions of the same thing and with different  styles of English. If people are unable to attend in person then a ...

6 days ago

Only and until all councils meetings are minuted by an outside source and digitally recorded, will anyone find out what is really going on in the corridors of power. I have recorded meetings, and what is said by some is totally different from what is recorded in the minutes. It is only recently that recordings of council meetings are allowed, but officers have battled long and hard to ...

6 days ago

Only what they glean from Facebook....

Well done to Dawlish RBL for organising yesterdays parade. It was the biggest and best I have ever seen and well done to all who took part. Thank you.

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