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Far from being a little puddle it is a huge horrible mess that renders the footpath impassable. If everyone took the view Lisa does then we wouldn't have any footpaths at all and the farmers would be delighted as many do NOT like walkers tramping through their fields along legitimate footpaths.

I'm glad that you agree with me Deedoodle.

5 days ago

@The Observer - I believe there is a need for the position, but maybe not at the current salary level considering the average wage in the area is so much less.

5 days ago

@Diana Mond -!

@Lisa - get a dog and bark yourself, i hear where ur coming from.

It's a shame that some people are vindictive like that.

5 days ago

Anyone else notice the unfortunate timing (for Tracey) with regard to the future of her post. I say unfortunate given as she appears to have been the main driver behind the having a playpark on the lawn policy  and I suspect that some who are not happy with that but who otherwise might have signed the petition above might now not do so.

I never said your concern was petty. I simply said in the general scheme of things an inconvenient messy puddle in a cow field is never going to be a priority and there are some simple temporary solutions. I personally don't see the puddle as being part of the failing infrastructure but I agree that there is failing infrastructure in Dawlish and too much money is wasted on many ill thought out ...

Is the Town Centre manager a need post any more? Has it outlived it's stay. Tracey has done much for the town, but between the traders, the organisers and the Town Council, do we really need this post anymore?

Parking tickets
5 days ago

Diana Mond 21 Sep 2017 10:17 TA-DAAAAA! That means nothing to me????

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