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Which local authority car parks use ANPR? Please be a good chap and provide a non-aggressive answer.

5 days ago

Diana Mond, don't worry about it, most of what you have said in the past, went over my head. It was only towards the end of this thread that someone else got to where I wanted to be, raising revenue and making money. There could not be any other reason for not permitting the transfer of a ticket, and I did try and explain the difference between on and off street parking, which would allow one to ...

I agree with all you say. In fact a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday there was a some sort of official gathering may have been the British Legion and put a flag up the pole. But the interesting thing was the was the Mayor along with other dignitaries holding a service with the drinking and drugs club sat there in the background.

Majorp, I'm sorry if that went over your head.

Flo, it's vindictive that some people want her out of a job just because she supports the creation of this playpark. Especially given all the wonderful work she has done for our town.  She's a real person with real bills to pay - it's a shame that some people (not you) can't make a distinction between how they act in the real world and how they behave in their online world.

Parking tickets
5 days ago

Surplus revenue from on street car parking can be spent on cycle paths but only after the council has concluded that the provison of further off street parking is either unnecessary or undesirable. See the 1984 road traffic regulation act section 55.  Obviously such a conclusion would be ridiculous and I think the source for the money for cycle paths should be itemised and made public.

What a joy the D.D&D.C where in their little reserved shelter on The Lawn this afternoon with their 2/3 litre bottles of cider on display, that is 2 to 3 litre not two thirds of a litre. What a lovely picture that paints of Dawlish as the visitor's were walking passed to the beach, sigh! Prohibition notices, as effective as a chocolate tea cup, but not as tasty.

My view was that it is not a pond but a puddle albeit a messy one (I never said it was a little puddle) and not something likely to receive urgent attention in these strained financial times. I never said it should not be sorted out. I hope it is. I did say it was not ideal but that it would be easily passable with wellies on or by temporarily placing boards or stepping stones until it is sorted ...

@Diana Mond - you wish.

5 days ago

Not sure you can classify it as vindictive.  If I don't vote for a politician because of their policies it's not vindictive.  Perhaps campaigning to remove her might be vindictive but not deciding to sign the petition?

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