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The last time a reporter from the local press attended a Dawlish Town Council meeting was back in the summer. There was a Dawlish Town Council meeting again last night and again there was no-one there from the press. So how are the citizens of Dawlish supposed to know what is going on if their only source of information is from the local press? It seems last night's council meeting had ...

As far as I am aware (and remember I am not a councillor so I only know what is in the public arena) funding will come from: 1. Whatever is left of the Sainsbury £200,000 S106 money (and this has to be spent by October 2020) 2. Whatever can be sourced from anywhere else eg GWR 3. The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) contributions that those building the new houses have to give to TDC.  ...

Laptop .
6 days ago

My dad does computer MOTs as you put it for £40 😊

So if the play park is approved, how and by what method will it be funded. Are councillors asking that question now, if not why not?

6 days ago

Alterations to the Strand a magic formula, the cycle path a magic formula, you havent missed anything Lynne i dont believe there are any answer to revitalising town centres.  Amazon are building a new warehouse system just of the motorway at Bristol and a new motorway junction to service it there are no High Streets that can compete with that amount of investment.

6 days ago

There is now a thread running on Eyes of Dawlish discussion fb about this matter and the town council meeting last night. If you can access the thread you might want to take a look. We hear a lot about town centres, across the country, becoming run down/having empty shops and the like. Why this is may be due to various factors but no doubt online shopping and out of town shopping malls with ...

1½ weeks ago

The playpark - costs To state the obvious this will depend on how big and what equipment it would have but to give an idea; Play equipment lasts about 10 years.  It also has to be maintained, repaired  etc. The previous large playpark design was costed at £250,000. So to use that £250,000 figure: Approx cost for annual maintenance: £5,000 (=£50,000 over ten year period) ...

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