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Not sure what you’re implying. The charity commission website clearly shows the most recently submitted accounts in January this year. These were for the year up to March 2017, so obviously don’t include last years Snooky Fest. Hopefully last years and this years event will have helped the charity raise far more than in previous years.

Mobeen Dabigman
Mobeen Dabigman
3 weeks ago

'ello everyone. this is my first post and i'm glad to be here. so i remember coming down to dawlish for the first snooky fest and i thought it was absolutely great. unfortunately, by the time the second one came round, i couldn't make it, but what i heard/seen of it sounded just as good. what i'm wondering, though, is how much was raised last year in comparison to this year? while i didn't ...

Must have come through the back roads as it didn’t come up Badlake Hill. Was removed by low loader pretty promptly at about 8.30pm.

As you've so kindly raised the subject of housing supply .......... "It has been speculated that Brexit might lead to more people choosing to retire in the UK, rather than in EU countries (Spain has been a popular destination up until now). Devon is already one of the most popular destinations in the UK for retirees. Further flows from within the UK could represent a boost to the economy, ...

Around 17:40hrs on Tuesday 28th August 2018 -  3 white males were seen alongside a blue Landrover Discovery and a yellow van. Later that evening on a walk I noticed the van had actually been dumped. The condition of the van was such that it could not have been driven there under its own steam and had not been road taxed since the early 1990's. The fact that it was left at the top of Badlake ...

They just crack me up, they refuse based on what! Might have been an idea to have raised those instances when the planning app for 1000's of homes was submitted, our elected officials rarely, in my opinion, represent the feelings of the local residents, am I wrong?

Although they see nothing wrong having 1000's of home's built with little to no supporting infrastructure, outstanding. Keep up the great work elected officials.

3 weeks ago

Dawlish Town Council is recommending refusal. Here's why PARISH: DAWLISH WARD: Dawlish Central And North East APPLICATION REF: 18/00950/ FUL OFFICER: Anna Holloway DECISION LEVEL: COMM LOCATION: Dawlish Warren Main Resort Grassed Area Dawlish Warren Devon EX7 0NF PROPOSAL: Installation of 34 metres high observation wheel, loading and unloading platform with guarding and kiosk ...

Cllr Wrigley has requested that this planning application go to TDC planning committee for decision. Planning officer's recommendation is for approval.

There is a God.

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