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As I said wake up. You liberal snowflakes wont be able to hide behind ignorance when we have to fight to regain our freedoms

“Fruit and vegetables could be particularly vulnerable to price rises and lack of availability, because of the UK’s dependence on EU imports: around 40% of vegetables and 37% of fruit sold in the UK come from the EU. For this reason Professor Tim Lang, from the Centre for Food Policy at City University London, described horticulture as “the most fragile of all the industries”. The level of ...

2 weeks ago

And at some point they will run out of whatever it is they have in storage. And they will run out even faster if there is an increase in demand for whatever it is they have in storage if imported goods are taking longer to get to the supermarkets/these storage facilities.

2 weeks ago

Lynne, I only know of two locally, but there are many more dotted around the country. Pinhoe Exeter has a huge freezer and cold storage for cheese, butter, some meat products, and the one at Cllumpton which I don't know too much about but I am told it is mainly to store meat. So when you are told it is fresh -really, because how would you know?

So what is going on in this country?

Well if the EU based supermarkets are geared up for no deal then they will be aware that goods they wish to have imported into this country will be subject to customs checks/tariffs. And as far as I am aware our ports are not geared up for such a no deal situation.

Always play the discrimination and racists cards in order to divide pubic opinion and attract attention. Come on people wake up to whats going on in this country.

Absolute dribble spouted by ardent remoaners. You think the supermarkets especially the EU based ones like Spar. Lidle and Aldi are just going to sit there looking at empty shelves. Get real their supply network is already geared up for a no deal Brexit. Bring it on and make our country great once more

2 weeks ago

Not food shortages within a couple of weeks then but within a couple of months? Where are these food mountains in the UK?

2 weeks ago

Do you remember we used to have food mountains. Well now they are still here but they will only last about 6 -7 weeks. Butter, meat, vegetables, included. So who is doing the scaremongaring now?

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