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Don't forget this is on today. The Strand Centre - mid-day to 8pm click on this link to see what is being prooposed for Dawlish

@Brooklyn Bridge - re your last sentence. In the absence of any present town councillors writing on this website suggest you write to Cllr Wrigley who chairs the lawn working party and ask him. There are others, I know who read this website, who were town councillors (2011-2015) when the idea of there being a playpark on the lawn really took off. They could tell ...

TDC are also seeking land for further development. We are also undertaking a call for sites which is an invitation for landowners and land promotors to submit sites to be considered for development. If you wish to submit your site for assessment as part of the Local Plan Review, please fully complete the Call for Sites submission form at: Any comments ...

The next time you walk by the tourist office take a good look at the wonderful planted area where people sit and enjoy the tranquility of watching the swans and the wild life around this area. Now imagine it with plastic swings and slides, which would you prefer? Because if the minority have their way that's what you will see  If the Council have their way they will ruin a little beauty spot. ...

If you are a WASPI woman or know of a WASPI woman who would like to take part in a tv feature about this issue please contact me via this website and I'll tell you how to progress. I have received this message: The BBC want to focus on any of the following: Has got to her 60s, can’t afford to retire and has now found another job to fill the gap between her last career and her new ...

Sadly, some people just see a big space and feel a need to fill it! The lawn area is always busy with people just enjoying the space, the benches, the brook, the wild fowl and the bowling.Why do we need a watered down version of what Paignton and Teignmouth have? We have something they don’t so let’s not spoil it!

2 days ago

Where did the need for a play park in the lawn area come from? Is it that some councillors are trying to think of something that might be needed, but don't really know what it is. What else could form an attraction for this area or should it be left well alone? In a few years time - maybe, there may well be sites available closer to the beach. If the railway line is to be pushed 30 mtrs out to ...

2 days ago

The sewer should have been in place before the new builds were approved by the planning dep't. They say it was planned for 2025, but how many new houses will be using that 6 inch pipe by 2025. In my opinion, a greedy company like many others putting profit above customer satisfaction. God forbid if they charged milk prices for the water they supply and the crap we send them back. I'm ...

Green loss
2 days ago

Agreed - because that is a bilateral trade agreement between the EU and Canada. But just because that is the situation between them doesn't mean to say that it will be same between the UK and the EU and the UK and other countries. Look here at what arch Brexiteer Jacob Rees Mogg has to say on the subject: (my emphasis in bold) "It is thought the Cabinet has had only one high-level ...

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