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Indy Scot
Indy Scot
1 hour 18 mins ago

If we had a progressive alliance that pledged to abolish the House of Lords and introduce PR we'd have something to vote for. Unfortunately politics is stagnant/retrogressive. i'll vote but my vote counts for nothing under 1st past the post. our democracy is tokenistic - so i can see why you're disillusioned with it @DC24601

over 1½ hours ago

Hands up all those who can't be naffed to vote, whether it be local, national, international or even Interstellar!.....Me! Me me!

Talking of the bigger picture and trans national interests When Nigel Farage met Julian Assange The Guardian - 1 day ago On 9 March 2017, an ordinary Thursday morning, Ian Stubbings, a 35-year-old Londoner, was walking down the street near his office ... · Is Farage acting as a human courier for Julian Assange? ... Daily Mail - 1 day ago Nigel Farage could be acting as ...

True democracy is dependant on an informed citizenry. Otherwise it's not a democratic sytem run by the people for the people. It does appear crude but I'm sure you'll find plenty of information about how society has been 'dumbed down' by the right wing media, etc. Sure it's upsetting, but it should be recognized. I wouldn't deny anyone the vote, I'd make it compulsory to vote. Then at least ...

4 hours ago

I think " the ability to vote is wasted on some people " is one of the nastiest comments I've read on here for some time.

Oh and welcome back, Doc.

5 hours ago

Pollenator propagators can now breathe easy, HuwMatthews2

If we return a Tory government to Westminster, it won't matter who replaces John Clatworthy. Their hands are tied because economic cuts will continue under the politics of austerity. The Lib Dems spent 5 years as the junior partner of an austerity coalition. That won't change. UKIP would not reverse austerity policies., Labour appears to be divided between austerity orientated Blairites and ...

The Tory party represents the elite, the landowning classes, aristos, bankers and the corporations. The 1%. Why on earth people who don't fit into any of the above categories vote for them is a mystery. What are the Conservatives conserving? the elite's grip on power. If I thought we had a democratic system, I'd suggest the ability to vote is wasted on some people. They're the ...

6 hours ago

"The Tories should never forget that the roots of decay often emerge when an empire seems strongest". Wasn't it Theresa MaybeI'llchangemymind who described the Tories as the nasty party?

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